Fortnite Chapter 2 Motorboat Time Trial Locations Guide

So Fortnite has arranged a diverse list of missions in the week 9 Chaos Rising challenges and one of them is the Motorboat Time Trial. This Fortnite Chapter 2 Motorboat Time Trial Locations Guide will help you track down all these challenges with their locations so you can complete them with ease.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Motorboat Time Trial Locations

The Motorboat Time Trial mission seems to be a motorboat racing mission in which you will have to complete the requirements in limited time.

The procedure of mission or how it goes might be related or totally be like the Swimming Time Trial missions, in which once you swim to a glowing stopwatch in the water, the timer starts and glowing vertical circles emerge in front of you for you to swim through them as fast as possible.

The only difference is that in the Swimming Time Trial you have to swim which in this one, you need a Motorboat.

As it is a motorboat racing mission, the locations of the mission are all in the water bodies allocated between different islands of the games.

Talking about the locations where you are gonna find the starting points of the Motorboat time trial missions, here is a detailed description:

Misty Meadows
The first of the locations is the water body between the Misty Meadows and Lazy Lake. When you pass through the area, look for any motorboats around the lake’s perimeters.

When you get your eyes on one, get into it and then find the glowing sign on a stopwatch between two boat oars.

Once you go through the sign, the challenge should begin and you will have to go through the circles which are emerged one after another, until the finishing point reaches.

Slurpy Swamp
There are narrow dark watered streams in the location of Slurpy Swamp. Here you can find the Motorboat time trial challenge too.

Get to the middle stream of the ‘H’ shaped streams located just beside where Slurpy Swamp is written on your map.

You will find the glowing stopwatch between two boat orcs symbol here too. Drive the motorboat through that and your challenge should begin immediately

North-West Pleasant Park
Another point for the beginning of the motorboat time trial challenge is situated between the islands which are North-west to the Pleasant Park or you may say north to the Sweaty Hands area.

Get into the area in a motorboat and then look for the glowing ‘stopwatch between the oars’ symbol. Drive through it and your challenge should immediately begin

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