Fortnite Chapter 2 Medal Progression System Tips

The process of leveling up is a bit different in chapter 2 of Fortnite as we must earn medals in order to gain progression and earn rewards along the way

The process of leveling up is a bit different in chapter 2 of Fortnite as we must earn medals in order to gain progression and earn rewards along the way. You earn these medals if you complete the requirements that are needed this will also increase your XP.  In this guide, we will explain the medal progression system of Fortnite Chapter 2 in detail.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Medal Progression

In place of daily missions, we have to complete objectives that get us medals which yield us XP and gets us rewards. Each card that you earn is worth 2000 XP and the fifth and tenth medal cards are worth 4000 XP each.

This works using the Punchcard approach which means that upon finishing a challenge your punchcard would have a medal added to it and you can even upgrade that medal from a bronze to a silver or gold during that match. The level of medal determines the amount of XP you get.

Your Punchcard resets every day and before it does you can add up to 10 medals to it. The entire reworking of Battle Pass progression is in order this season.

Your battle pass will advance as you finish challenges and get medals added to your punchcards. There is also speculation about weekly medals, but it is not confirmed as of and we will update it if we get any news about it.

Earning Medals
You can get up to 10 medals added to your punchcard daily and for each medal you earn 2000 XP except for the 5th and 10th ones which get you double the XP. It’s pretty easy to get these medals. Here are some medals available in the game.


Battle Medal: Kill one person in-game.

Scavenger Medal: You have to search for 3 Chests, Llamas, or Supply Drops.

Survivor Medal: Get to the top 50 player list in any match.

First Match Medal: You will get this medal upon finishing your first match of the day.

You will still be gaining XP after your punchcard’s medal limit is reached which you can do by surviving, killing other players and finishing matches.

The punchcard will refresh daily at 2 pm BST (6 am PST, 9 am EST).

Earning XP
Here are a few ways to get XP easily:

  • 20 XP: Knocked Opponent
  • 25 XP: Headshot
  • 35 XP: Used Fishing Spot
  • 40 XP: Explosives Specialist (150 Explosive damage in one match)
  • 40 XP: Sniper Specialist (200 Sniper damage in one match)
  • 40 XP: Upgraded Weapon (Bonus 100 XP if first to upgrade in a match)
  • 50 XP: New Storm Circle
  • 65 XP: Searched Ammo Box
  • 70 XP: Searched Chest
  • 85 XP: Eliminated Opponent
  • 105 XP: Early Bird (be the first player in the match to pick up a Legendary item)
  • 250 XP: Scavenger Medal
  • 280 XP: Battle Medal
  • 2000 XP: Landmark Discovered
  • 2000 XP: Named Location Discovered

This is all we have on leveling up, medals and XP farming. If we missed anything let us know.

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