Fortnite Chapter 2 Hidden Letters Locations

We have seen lots of changes in Fortnite recently and with the start of Chapter 2, Fortnite has started a new series of interesting challenges for the players. One of those Fortnite Chapter 2 challenges tasks players with looking through the loading screens and finding the locations of hidden letters to spell out F.O.R.T.N.I.T.E and then go to those locations and complete the Alter Ego challenges and unlock a mystery legendary skin.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Hidden Letters

Every week we get a new location for a new letter from the loading screens by ticking off the weekly Fortnite missions. Down here we will show you the locations of all the hidden letters locations as they are unveiled every week.

Week#1 – F
After completing eight Fortnite weekly challenges, we get a loading screen for week one which shows a group of characters just looking above the new island. Now if you look towards the right side of the screen, you will see an F letter sitting on top of a tree just east of the Lazy Lake.

Just head towards the Lazy Lake and you will spot a clear ground behind a rock, just go there and you will be able to spot the Fortnite hidden letter F as long as you have completed all the required challenges.

Week#2 – O
For this letter, you will have to complete all the week-2 challenges and then the next loading screen you will see will have the hint for letter O. This loading screen will be an image of a successful fishing trip. If you take a closer look, you will see that an O tucked away behind the support struts, underneath the deck of the clifftop building in the background.

This building is on the north coast of the Craggy Cliffs. Just head there and go to the top of the cliffs underneath the deck, and as you make your way through the supports the hidden Fortnite letter O for the second week will pop up by the rocks as long as you’ve unlocked the challenge for it already.

Week#3 – R
After completing week 3’s weekly eight challenges you will earn 3rd week’s loading screen with the location of Hidden letter R.

You need to go to the east side of the Slurpy Swarm sewer plant. At the end of the plant, you will see a pipe that is filtering into the river, you will be able to find the letter R underneath the scaffolding that is holding the above walkway of the pipe

Week#4 – T
If you consider looking at the top right corner of the loading screen for week 4, you will notice the difficult-to-see Letter T in the crane hallway of the Dirty Docks.

You will be able to see the crane hallway at the right side of a plot, which will be filled with stacked containers in multiple colors. The hallway will be at the upper right corner of the area, just beside the docking area for ships

Week#5 – N
For this letter, you have to unlock The Lowdown loading screen by completing all eight of The Lowdown challenges. Look on the left side of the screen and you’ll see the N at the very back of the hangar.

To find the N, head southwest on the map and travel towards Holly Hedges. The N is inside the E.G.O Hangar, on top of a few yellow barrels at the back.

Week#6 – I
This letter can be seen in the Hunter And The Hunted loading screen. Look for it in the middle of the screen, just a bit towards the top.

To find the I in the map, travel towards east and head to Frenzy Farm. The I can be found inside the big barn at the north part of the farm; it’s in the third tier of the barn.

Week#7 – T
This hidden letter is present in the Trick Shot loading screen. Look at the about middle of the screen, then look a bit towards the left. The letter can be seen under the bridge. This one is pretty hard to spot.

Travel to Weeping Woods and go to its northernmost part. The T can be found under the bridge. Surprisingly, it’s really easy to find, even though it’s suggested otherwise by the loading screen.

Week#8 – E
The final hidden letter, E, can be seen in the Dive! Loading screen. This one is also a bit tough to find. There is a light post on the left side of the screen, the E is right above it.

Head to Slurpy Swamps and go to its easternmost part, the E is waiting for you above the light post on the Hydro 16 dam.