Fortnite Chapter 2 EGO Outposts Locations

This week in Fortnite, the Lowdown challenges tasks players to find 5 EGO locations. Players need to complete this week’s Lowdown challenges before they can get that precious N letter to progress after we have got the F.O.R.T in previous weeks, and does little in the way of explaining how to find them. That is why we have listed the easiest EGO outposts to find in Fortnite Chapter 2.

Fortnite Chapter 2 EGO Outposts Locations

Northwest of Pleasant Park –Float toward the beaches that are northwest of Pleasant Park and the EGO outpost should quickly come into view.

Northwest of Dirty Docks –While you’re looking at your map, you’ll notice a tiny building between Dirty Docks and Steamy Stacks. It’s an EGO outpost, so float on down.

Southwest of Holly Hedges –If you look to the southwest of Holly Hedges you’ll notice a road that curves around a small structure. You guessed it, float on in and get yourself another EGO outpost.

North of Lazy Lake –Look north of Lazy Lake next to the point that the river goes inward before going outward and you should see another structure. You know what to do.

Southwest of Misty Meadows –A fair way southwest of Misty Meadows you’ll find the last Fortnite EGO outpost near a cliff face. A nice and scenic outpost to end on.

These are it! Thankfully, you don’t need to visit all five of these in one run and dying won’t reset your progress. It would be best if while you’re waiting in the starting area you get your map out and set some waypoint to save time

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