Fortnite Chapter 2 Dance at The Pipeman, Hayman and Timber Tent

So this week Fortnite Chapter 2 introduces yet another fun challenge in which you have to get to three locations where you will find a PIPEMAN, HAYMAN & Timber Tent and so you will have to dance in front of them. This Fortnite Chapter 2 guide will show you the locations of all three spots where you need to dance for the challenge.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Dance at The Pipeman, Hayman and Timber Tent

For the completion of the mission, you will need to get to the addressed locations and once you get there, you will have to use the emotes to dance. You must have some cool emotes in your emote list.

The positive point is that you don’t need to do the complete mission in a single shot. Even if you die after exploring one of the locations, your progress will be saved and hence you will only have to do the rests after you get into the game again.

Completion of the mission is quite necessary as it will unlock the Loading Screen about the hidden location of the letter “I” of the “FORTNITE”.

So starting with your first location, let’s guide you about the PIPEMAN location first.

The PIPEMAN as the name suggests is a man-shaped structure built of metal pipes which is situated in the South of Misty Meadows and you will find him on a hill. It should be easy to spot from a distance once you are in the area.

Once you reach in front of this PIPEMAN, use any of your favorite dance emote, and then march forward to collect the treasure.

The same way, HAYMAN location is in the… Guess what? Yes! The hay can only be found on a farm and so our HAYMAN is located in the Frenzy Farm.

Head Southwest of the Frenzy Farm and you will find the Hayman standing angry for you on a hill. Don’t you worry he is not actually going to attack you, it is just an immobile structure of a Hayman.

Once you see him, use your emote once again, obviously, any emote you like without any restriction but the emote should make you move as if you are dancing. Have a look at the images below to clear your concept about it.

A little different than the previous two, Timber Tent is not a Man-like structure, rather it is a pile of three giant wooden sticks. You will find it in between the Sweaty Sand and Holy Hedges.

Just head North-East of the Holy Hedges, and eventually, you will come across it. It looks like a teepee without any cover on it. There’s a chest inside it, so open it up to grab a weapon and then do a wee dance to finish off the challenge

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