Fortnite Chapter 2 Best Loot Routes

With the addition of new map in Fortnite Chapter 2, the developers have shaken things up when it comes to finding the best loot and that's where we come in

Fortnite, the battle royale game adored by millions, has finally broken the silence and come to players with a new update, introducing players to a beautiful new map and revamped gameplay mechanics. The new map being stunning and gorgeous the way it is is still unfamiliar to most players. We will be trying to discuss the current best loot route in Fortnite Chapter 2, so you can make most of the initial time and raise your chances of a victory royale.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Best Loot Routes

The new map is an island consisting of considerably more mountains than the previous map ever had along with several locations that catch the eye. Today we will be talking about a specific location in order to maximize our time and efficiency on the battlefield since as we all know, the beginning of the game is what sets the pace for the rest of the game.

Our initial point of drop to get the best Fortnite loot is situated to the west of Sweaty Sands, which can be located through grids by A3. As you’re dropping down, you should be able to see the ruins of a castle.

Drop down on the top of the castle and into the balcony. Immediately, as you drop, you should be able to see a blue chest. Blue chests will contain a purple or legendary item making this the perfect starting point to begin your loot farm.

Walk along the path of the balcony to the side of the castle, down the stairs and head to the south-east corner of the ruins to locate the second blue chest. It is recommended to scour the rest of the ruins for any extra loot and a considerable amount of materials.

Once completely excavating the ruins empty, proceed north, where you should be able to farm a fair amount of materials along with a third blue chest; held within a clam.

Move even further north, down the plateau, where several huts can be destroyed, going farther into this direction, there will be another hut next to a table, which when you destroy should give you the fourth and final blue chest for this location.

By this point you should be right next to the docks, from where you can grab the boat and head on to various islands for loot; or simply get closer to the circle.

This loot route itself is completely worth it considering it will give you sufficient loot to stand your ground in the initial stage of Fortnite. On top of that, you’ll have enough speed and mobility at the end of it (Thanks to the boat) to loot any of the islands nearby and give anyone you come across; a hell of a time.

The reason why we consider this one of the best Fortnite loot locations is because it allows you to make the most of your starting time along with the ease of being able to re-locate yourself on the map. Following these steps, you will surely increase your chances of taking it home.

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