Fortnite Battle Pass Revealed, Season 2 Patch Is Now Live

After a successful opening, a new season has kicked off yesterday for Fortnite, bringing a bunch of new content and updates to the game’s interface and battle system.

As Epic Games announced the second season ends on February 20th. Along with it, a Fortnite Battle Pass has been revealed, bringing a variety of cosmetics which will be getting unlocked as you progress.

How does this Battle Pass work though? You can grab it now with 950 VBucks, unlocking it as a tab on your profile, that gain tier levels as you play matches.

During Season 2 you will be rewarded with cosmetics, VBucks, XP etc. as you unlock a new tier. As Epic Games estimates, it would take approximately 75 to 150 hours to collect them all. The Fortnite Battle Pass contains more than 60 different rewards. Let’s see the most notable:

  • 3 Fort Knight Outfits
  • “Pulse Axe” Pickaxe and “Royale X” Glider
  • “Get Down!” Glider
  • “AC/DC” Pickaxe
  • “Pulse Axe” Pickaxe
  • “The Worm” and “Floss” Emotes

However, if you don’t want to join the hype train and get the Fortnite Battle Pass, you will be rewarded with a unique glider, some cool emotes and more.

Furthermore, Fortnite just got a new patch, fixing some minor bugs, balancing the weapons just in time for season 2 and giving you the opportunity to manage all storage with a new global inventory.

Last but not least, you can find a new event store with seasonal items to match the holiday spirit. Those items will rotate weekly giving you the opportunity to collect them all with a new gold currency that is obtained by completing quests.

The Fortnite Battle Pass is available now for any player that wants to get some cool loot while playing this season. Keep in mind that all of the VBucks you’ll spend will be back on your account little by little until you reach the final tier 70.

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