Fortnite Basketball Hoop Locations Guide

With the help of our Fortnite Basketball Hoop Locations Guide, you'll be able to learn everything you need to know about finding all the Basketball Hoop.

In this Fortnite Basketball Hoop Locations Guide, we will guide you on where you can find different Basketball Hoops in Fortnite. We will be sharing with you the location of all the Basketball Hoops that are currently present in the game. You will need these locations to complete the challenge for Week 2 of Fortnite’s Battle Pass.

Season 5 of Fortnite is in full swing and the week 2 challenges have landed in the game finally. In the Week 2 Challenges list, there is a challenge to score through five different Basketball Hoops so unless you know all locations, we have you covered with our Fortnite Basketball Hoop Locations Guide where we have shared locations of nine hoops.

Fortnite Basketball Hoop Locations

With the Season 5, Epic Games has introduced different toys in the games with basketball being one of them. Although you can play with these anywhere, the challenge requires you to shoot through five different Basketball Hoops in the game.

There are different Basketball Hoops in the game now scattered throughout the map. You can choose any of these hoops. It does not require you to complete them all in a single game. You can land on a different one in each game and complete the challenge easily in five different games.

Below you will find locations of nine different basketball courts where you can go and shoot through the hoop easily. Make sure that you adjust your standing position, as you cannot modify your throw. Your initial standing position will determine where your throws are going.

Junk Junction

There is a basketball court located on the northeastern side of Junk Junction. It is easily visible when you are in the air above it. Land in the court and quickly shoot through the hoop to score. For more accuracy, the location is on ‘C’ on the minimap.


Greasy Grove

Another court is located on the northeastern side of the Greasy Grove. While landing, move to the court and land directly in front of the hoop. A score to add another count to your challenge.

Tilted Towers

The Tilted Towers also hold a basketball court but it is very difficult to score here early game as a lot of players land here. It is located on the northwestern side of Tilted Towers. We recommend that if you want to score here, choose a late game time when most of the action here has died out.

Snobby Shores

A basketball court is also located in Snobby Shores. It was a peaceful location in the earlier seasons but since season 4, this also attracted a lot of attraction. You will find the court on the northern side of Snobby Shores. It is located in front of a large house.

Salty Springs

Although this one is not located inside Salty Springs, it is located directly to the south of Salty Springs. What you can do is land in Salty Springs, gear up, rack a few kills and then head to the big hill located to the south of Salty Springs. You will find a basketball court on the hill.

Retail Row

Retail Row also has its own basketball court. It is located on the southern edge of Retail Row. Land in the court, quickly score and then head inside a building to loot up.

Football Pitch

There is yet another basketball court near Tilted Towers. On the west side of Tilted Towers, there is a football pitch. Head to this pitch and you will find the basketball court right on its west side. Quickly score and move on. This is a prime location to snipe from someone in Tilted Towers.

Paradise Palms

If you have not explored the new area for some weird reason until now, then better head there because you will also find a basketball court there. It is located on the east side of Paradise Palms. First, score and then explore the area for loot.

Retail Row II

There is another basketball located near Retail Row. From Retail Row, if you head to the east you will find a small cluster of buildings. A basketball court is located outside these buildings.

These are nine locations to score your hoops to complete the challenge. You only need to do five of these but make sure that all five are unique. In addition, it does not matter which side of the court you pick, both sides of the court count in the same court so they have to be five different courts.

Complete this easy challenge to add the stars to your Battle Pass and rack up some sweet new Season 5 items.

This concludes our Fortnite Basketball Hoop Locations Guide. If you want to add a location that we might have missed above, feel free to use the comments section below to add it to this guide!

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