Fortnite Android Won’t Release On Google Play

Fortnite has been a huge success as a mobile title on iOS over the past year, giving us another indication that even on mobile devices, the game won’t slow down any time soon. To top that, Epic Games is making a bold move with Fortnite Android, entirely bypassing Google Play and releasing the game through its official website.

During a recent interview with The Verge, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has revealed that Fortnite Android will indeed be releasing through the game’s official website and it won’t be downloadable through Google Play. This doesn’t come as a surprise since Google is taking a huge cut out of sales on the Google Play games. Imagine what would happen to the millions earned in Fortnite Android in the future.

Sweeny doesn’t reason the decision with that though. He pointed out that they’ll be releasing Fortnite Android through their own means, in order to maintain a “direct relationship” with customers. It’s no secret that the game has turned clicks into gold on iOS, even though it doesn’t come cheap as parents have become worrying about kids spending inconceivable amounts of money on in-game cosmetics.

This generates another issue for Epic Games, since Google takes 30% off sales in games distributed through Google Play, something that doesn’t help the company in any way, since the game is already incredibly successful, even without the help of Google for launching.

Could there be another underlying reason too? Could Fortnite Android violate in any way the terms of use of Google Play with its microtransactions, given the popularity of the game and the amount of money spent by minors? This possibility seems too far-fetched, however, given the game’s possibility everything could be on the table.

Fortnite Android will be releasing sometime this summer, being the last platform for the game to launch on. The game is already available on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and iOS, breaking record after record with its sales and player count.

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