Fortnite Is Killing Football, According to Liverpool F.C CEO Peter Moore

Former CEO of EA sports, Peter Moore expresses his concerns and disdain over Millennials preferring Fortnite to football nowadays.

Peter Moore is pretty well known to the gaming industry. We’ve seen the guy in Sega and the sports division of EA games. In 2017, he became CEO of the Liverpool football club. Something he had dreamed for a long time, but now, he’s worried. Peter Moore basically took to the public to voice his opinion on how today’s generation prefers Fortnite to Football.

This isn’t the first time Fortnite has been called competition outside the gaming industry. This time though, the verdict is being given by somebody with relative experience in the industry. Is Peter Moore right about Fortnite being more popular than Football?

Quite possibly so, because of how the modern attention span can be. I say this from experience of being a millennial myself, it can be hard to divert all our attention to something for more than 2 hours. Though this depends on how compelling the subject of attention is, which is always subjective between different people.

Football games last usually up to 90 minutes with goals only occasionally happening depending on how the teams are. Peter Moore said this himself:

“Ninety minutes is a long time for a millennial male to sit down on a couch. When I look at viewing and attendance figures of millennial males, I’m concerned as a CEO of a football club that relies on the next generation of fans coming through.

If we don’t build technological prowess as a club we will lose them [young fans]. There’s so much pressure on time now and only 24 hours in a day, [and] there are only so many hours to play Fortnite.

We are an industry that needs to harness technology to make sure we don’t miss an entire generation of young people growing up that don’t have that love for football. We need to package content in bites of 60 to 90 seconds to keep their engagement.”

Quite a lot of fingers being pointed at Fortnite. Which side are you on?

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