FortCraft Beginners Guide – Best Landing Spots, Recommended Weapons, Crafting Tips

This FortCraft Beginners Guide will help you tackle most of the situations in the heavily Fortnite-inspired mobile game FortCraft. Going all the way from the game mechanics to achieving victory, we’ve covered it all here in our FortCraft Guide.

FortCraft Beginners Guide

The hottest genre right now in video games seems to be the ‘Battle Royal’ one. The genre, apart from PC and the consoles, has also been quite popular to the mobile platform as well. Smash hits like Fortnite have installments heading to Android and iOS devices.

Additionally, some inspired titles like ‘Rules of Survival’ already exist. The newest one to join the collection is FortCraft. So for those who dig the whole idea of survival and crafting, we’ve got some FortCraft Tips which will come in handy after you’ve landed safely (hopefully) on the battleground.


You can either to choose land away from populated areas or land right into them. Both has their own pros and cons. Landing in the outskirts, you can safely and eventually make your way to the center of the map. This is for players who focus more on survival than anything else.

Landing near regions filled with settlements will grant you more loots. However, it will also drop you straight in the heat of the battle. So for the more aggressive and action-oriented result, go for this one. All in all, ultimately the victory is what matters, no matter how you achieve it.


Eventually, you’ll find yourself coming face-to-face with an opponent. Of course, you can flee but this is risky and not the most effective. This is where weapons come in. With a wide range of firearms, each one is suited to different cases and circumstances. Just like in Fortnite, each weapon crate will have different ‘glows’ on it indicating its rank.

Orange being the strongest rank and grey being the weakest, green, blue, and purple lie in between. For ranged scenarios, Snipers and the scope feature should be used for convenience. Shotguns and Assault Rifles are recommended for close-quarter combat.


In addition to crafting ramps, buildings for cover or cover larger distances quickly, there’s also an auto-craft feature in FortCraft. This will erect 4 walls around your character and a ramp in between. This is a quick and easy way to get out of danger in cases where you’ll clueless of where the threat is from.

For crafting, of course, you need to collect materials from anywhere you can. This will prompt you to keep moving and scavenging resources. Cutting down trees, destroyed walls of buildings, and crashing down other foundations will help you obtain these resources. Thus, crafting and destruction, ironically, go hand-to-hand in FortCraft.

This is all we have in our FortCraft Beginners Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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