Forspoken Will Use Microsoft DirectStorage For PC Optimizations

It has been revealed that developer Luminous Productions intends to use the new Microsoft DirectStorage technology to optimize Forspoken for PC.

According to a session summary of the upcoming Game Developers Conference (GDC 2022) from earlier today, Forspoken will be “supporting the new Microsoft DirectStorage API” as one part of a greater goal to optimize itself on PC.

The summary furthermore confirmed that Luminous Productions and AMD are collaborating to implement various AMD technologies into Forspoken. That list of technologies includes screen-space ambient occlusion, screen-space reflections, ray-traced shadows and AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution.

The collaboration also aims to optimize Forspoken “across a wide range of AMD GPUs” on PC, details of which will be highlighted when the GDC 2022 session takes place on March 23, 2022.

There is a bit of irony in seeing Forspoken use Xbox-based technology for its optimizations because the game will be console-exclusive to PlayStation 5. That being said, the exclusivity will reportedly be timed and a release will eventually take place on Xbox consoles somewhere down the road.

Forspoken, previously known as Project Athia, was announced by publisher Square Enix as a game which will make full use of the graphical and other technological capabilities of PlayStation 5.

Luminous Productions will be including support for ray tracing for realistic lighting on PlayStation 5, while making use of the lightning-fast solid-state drive for seamless loading between procedurally generated large-scale locations.

Forspoken will be releasing for PlayStation 5 and PC on May 24, 2022, provided that there are no delays. There is still a lot about the narrative-driven role-playing game which needs to be revealed. Expect the developer to do just that in the weeks to come.

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