Former U.S Marine Disgusted by Call of Duty Modern Warfare Realism

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is pusin for realism but a former U.S Marine doesn't agree on Infinity Ward's goal for an authentic war game.

A former U.S Marine has shared his disgust for the level of realism Call of Duty Modern Warfare is going for. Developer Infinity Ward is trying to put us in the shoes of marines and show us what it’s like being on the ground in the middle of battle.

However, not everyone is a fan of too much realism in video games. Former U.S Marine who goes by “Dr. John Respectful, M.D” on Twitter shared his views about Call of Duty Modern Warfare and what Infinity Ward discussed at the E3 Collesium. In the lengthy thread, John shared his experience and his take on realism which sparked a conversation about how “real” a game should be and what effects it can have on people who actually suffered through those events.

What Do We Think?

I think too much realism and certain events in video games can trigger PTSD, especially in soldiers who actually faced similar situations. The developers want to invoke real emotions in players and arguments can be made both in favor and against it. Standing in a soldier’s shoes and seeing such realism can end up causing mental health issues, however, the general western audience isn’t aware of these events, they do not know the horrors people face during war and if they know, they can’t really feel strong emotions toward the situation unless they are shown these events, unless they are put in that situation. One of Infinity Ward’s goal is to spread awareness and that is important as it can spark a discussion. This is a sensitive topic that needs to be handled with respect.

Modern Warfare series is one of the few that managed to handle such events well and we expect the same from Modern Warfare 2019. Sadly, other installments in the Call of Duty franchise and EA’s Battlefield have done nothing but glorify war.

While I respect John’s point of view I must disagree and support Infinity Ward’s push for realism in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. There are no heroes of war, there are only survivors. War is a gray area and people need more awareness and video games are one of the best ways to communicate the horrors of war.

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