Former Guild Wars 2 Lead Writer Begins Work on Destiny Next Week

John Ryan, former Guild Wars 2 lead writer, is leaving ArenaNet to join Bungie as its new loremaster next week.

“Tomorrow is my last day here at ArenaNet,” he announced on Twitter today. “Next week, I’ll be heading over to Bungie to be their new editor/loremaster.”

While there’s no specific information on what Ryan will be working on as soon as he takes office, it seems likely that he will be outlining new story branches for Destiny, expanding its already vast universe and perhaps making sense of what it already has.

Ryan’s work with Guild Wars 2 is already a testament to his skill-set and there’s no doubt that future expansions of Destiny will see to better storylines that merge seamlessly with the game’s lore.

Destiny did get a lot of flak for its weak story telling shortly after release. Many aspects were left out and in a RPG title that has to bank on a suitable narrative, players were left guessing to various points.

There’s also the scope of outlining a proper base now to give way to Destiny 2, unless Bungie plans to do something incredibly different with that one.

A “major content release” is planned for Destiny later this year. There’s no information on what exactly it will hold, except that players will be pleased with whatever it has in store for them. Perhaps Ryan will have a look at that as well.

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