Forged Fantasy Guide – Unlocking Heroes, Combos, Quests, Coins Farming

Hothead Games return with another mobile action role-playing game titled Forged Fantasy. The character plays from a third-person perspective. The game’s epic combats with the option of switching between multiple heroes, all with various abilities and skills are just a cherry on top.

Forged Fantasy Beginners Guide

While fighting combats, choose the hero that you think is most suitable for that particular combat.

You can easily switch to a different hero if you think that your hero is being attacked by enemies and cannot get out of it without the help of another hero. The switching of characters makes the game unique and interesting.

1. Unlocking Heroes

There is a total of 27 heroes that you have to unlock in the game. All of them has their own different, unique skills.

Soon you will start unlocking your heroes in the game from which you have to build a team. Your team building ability will be tested in various combats.

All teams will be balanced with different heroes and no team is particularly indestructible.

2. Upgrading

Upgrade your heroes while no heroes are being unlocked. Leveling up your heroes will provide you with better skills and abilities.

Spend on all your heroes but the top five you’re playing with should be your priority, as they need the upgrades more. For upgrading your heroes, all you need are coins.

3. PvP Battles

First, you have to unlock your PvP mode. In PvP, you are paired with players that will balance out your team. Your enemies are all controlled by the game itself.

Fight the battles manually so you can use your heroes and here you’re battle skills will also be tested.

There are also PvP chests that help you to unlock heroes. For unlocking the chests, you need keys and you win those keys buy winning the battles that will provide you with three keys. You’ll be given one key even if you lose the battle.

4. Combos

You can build up combos with your melee characters. When your hero glows red, you can attack your enemy continues to give him maximum damage.

Hit him repeatedly without giving him a chance to recover otherwise your combo will break.

5. Escaping Attacks

If any ranged enemy is attacking your hero, you have to duck your hero or dodge the enemy to save yourself and then attack the enemy when you are recovered.

6. Diamonds and Coins

In the starting of your game, you will be tempted to use your coins on things that won’t really benefit you.

Take your time with those coins and spend them on your heroes rather than buying those chests, as there is no guarantee of what will come out of them. You can use your coins for the chests when you have no use of your coins on your heroes.

Your diamonds will be used to buy chests that will unlock your heroes. You have to use them, as you want to create at least a team of five heroes.

7. Attacks

Attack your enemies with combos as much as you can but if you’re facing a ranged enemy, try to aim for the head more as the HP of your enemy decreases more with that.

8. Quests

You’ll be given challenges daily, some of them you’ll have to complete but some will be completed unintentionally while you’re playing your game.

Completing these quests will provide you with gems and stamina. You’ll be awarded stamina too which you can just go and collect.

9. Auto-Play or Manual

You have a choice to play the game manually or on Auto-play. I would suggest not using Autoplay for battles or in PvP because what’s the fun in that?

If you play manually, you can control the characters yourself and use your own game skills and tactics.

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