Forager Structures Guide – Farming, Economy, Industry, Magic

This Forager Structures Guide is all about the different structures in the game. In Forager. There’re 4 types of structures i.e. Economy, Farming, Industry, and Magic. Structures are like stations that are used for crafting purposes. You can find these structures on the Build Menu. In our Structures Guide, we’ve detailed all about these four types of structures in the game.

Forager Structures

You can build numerous structures but as you build, the cost of building increases. Even if you destroy a structure, it won’t decrease the price. Therefore, think before destroying any structure.

These structures can be built at a place having a solid base or even a bridge will work.

Farming Structures

Structures Materials Effects Skills
Bridge Wood Bridges can be placed over water after which structures can be deployed on it. None
Fish Trap Wood, Berry Can be deployed over water to catch marine life. None
Torch Wood, Coal Gives light. Carpentry
Brazier Brick, Coal Gives light. Masonry
Windmill Wood, Brick, Thread Tree Sapling, Cotton Seeds, Beet Seeds, Wheat Seeds, Pepper Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Animal Feed, Flour, Sugar, Mayo, and Cheese Farming
Sprinkler Iron Ingot Speeds up the growth of crops nearby Agriculture
Cookpot Coal, Brick Sushi, Fruit Salad, Soup, Meat Skewer, Ice Cream, Cookies, Pizza, and Sandwich Cooking
Quarry Ruby, Topaz, Amethyst, Emerald Generates crystals and minerals. Deposit

Industrial Structures

Structures Materials Effects Skills
Furnace Stone Craft Coal, Brick, Iron Ingot, Gold Ingot, Steel, Royal Steel, Bread, Cooked Fish, and Cooked Meat. None
Forge Iron Ingot, Brick Craft Coin, Key, Arrow, Bottle, Pickaxes, Bows, and Amulets. None
Sewing Station Fiber, Wood, Brick Craft Thread, Leather, Royal Clothing, Gloves, Boots, and Wallets. Sewing
Mining Rod Steel, Brick Digs out nearby resources. Automation
Offshore Drill Steel, Brick Craft Bottled Oil. Drilling
Flower Press Flower, Steel, Brick Craft Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Coal, Sand, Crystal, Steel, and Landfill. Machinery
Factory Glass, Royal Steel, Brick Craft Plastic, Fiberglass, Electronics, Droid, EMP Grenade, and Obliterator. Manufacturing
Power Plant Glass, Electronics, Brick Boosts production speed of nearby structures. Physics
Ballista Arrow, Wood, Brick Eliminates nearby enemies. Ballistics

Economy Structures

Structures Materials Effects Skills
Bank Steel, Brick As time passes, you receive coins. This coin generation can be improved with increase Treasury skill. Banking
Market Wood, Brick, Leather Allows you to purchase and sell resources. Trade
Vault Steel, Brick You can store upto 6 items in the vault. Also, the collected items are automatically shifted to the vault. Storage
Lighthouse Glass, Steel, Brick Amount of resources increases by 50% when gathered near a lighthouse. Optics
Slot Machine Electronics, Brick You can put your resources and gamble using this machine. Gambling

Magic Structures

Structures Materials Effects Skills
Inscription Table Wood, Brick Craft Paper, Green Pigment, Purple Pigment, Sage Scroll, Builder Scroll, Druid Scroll, Wizard, Scroll, Miner Scroll, and Demon Scroll. Inscription
Cauldron Flower, Iron Ingot, Brick Craft Bomb, Healing Potion, Wisdom Draught, Liquid Luck, Mandragora, Thunderstrike, Greedy Mixture, Ana’s Delight, Dragon Philtre, Bloodfury Cocktail, and Transmutation. Alchemy
Shrine Crystal, Royal Steel, Brick Provides you with few options consisting of temporary buffs after every few minutes. Faith
Spirit Crystal Crystal Steel Craft Great Skull, Spirit Orb, Death Rod, Storm Rod, and Meteor Rod. Froststrike

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