Forager Idle Farming Guide – How to Progress Fast, Recommended Skills and Structures, Tips

For the uninitiated, Idle Farming in Forager is when you don’t have anything to focus on or any mission to be on. It can be done just to pass your time but can be used to level up fast and earn some easy money along the way. All you need for this is a few sets of skills and you’re done.

Forager Idle Farming

Coming on the skills that you require while Idle Farming. The first one that you require is Automation skill. The skill is on your left in the skill tree.

Having Automation skill unlocked, you’ll have the Mining Rod at your disposal. The resources required are Bricks and Steel. Learning the Automation skill will have your crafted items be collected automatically.

Then there is the Manufacturing skill that builds Factory and Droids. Your structures build items even faster but to have Droids, you need Engineering skill. You need Plastic, Fiber, and Electronics as resources.

The skill unlocks GMP Grenades and now your structure will craft items even faster.

You also need the Jewelry skill that will unlock the Amulet that increases the number of resources as well as the coins that you get through Gems by 20%.

Another skill you require is the Drilling skill that will unlock your Offshore Drills. The Offshore Drills will help you in collecting Oil and bottle it up. You’ll need that you create Plastic.

The Bottles are going to be made from Glass and Thread that are going to be made in the Furnace and Sewing Station.

For Glass, you need Sand and coal and for the Thread, you require Fiber. The bottles will be required to make Plastic that will be crafted at the Factory by Bottled Oil and Coal.

Once you’ve everything at your disposal, you require some locations that will boost up your structures and will collect cosmetics for you.

Power Plant
This will increase the speed of crafting at the structures. Use it near the Factories because it’ll increase the amount of crafting material.

Building Scroll
More speed to your structures. Use it near the Factories because it will increase the amount of crafting materials.

Unloads Gems, Crystals, Gold Nodes, and Iron Nodes.

Light House
The number of resources that are collected increase. Cover the Quarry with it so the Droids can collect the unloaded cosmetics by the Quarry.