For Honor’s “Year Of The Harbinger” Teased As Game Celebrates 15 Million Players

Even as it celebrates 15 million players before the release of Marching Fire tomorrow, Ubisoft is already teasing something new with For Honor’s “Year of the Harbinger”, a mysterious new bit of content that will apparently be coming out in 2019. We don’t know what it will involve, but it may be another big release.

Marching Fire is going to be For Honor’s biggest update since the game came out in February of last year, releasing not only a new game mode in the form of “Breach”, where players fight against one another in a castle siege, but also introducing a new faction in the form of the Chinese-inspired Wu Lin, who join the battle between the Samurai, Knights, and Vikings. The game is also getting a big graphical upgrade.

Ubisoft announced For Honor’s “Year of the Harbinger” event with a promotional art piece that showed off an enormous hammer. It might not be related to the Vikings because it’s not Mjolnir, but that doesn’t amount to much. The hammer could mean any number of things, whether it’s another new faction (which would bring the total to five), a new hero, or something else entirely.

Either way, with For Honor having gotten now millions of players (even if its normal activity isn’t that big), it’s still good to see a unique property be able to at least keep going for a while longer, and even better that Ubisoft is continuing to support it. Hopefully as the game gets even more content, more people will keep playing it, even if it means they take breaks between content pieces.

Marching Fire comes out tomorrow on all of the game’s platforms, so if you’re eager to get into the new faction and still own the game, you can get back into the fight once you download the new update, which will be coming out for free, and in the meantime keep on the lookout for more details on For Honor’s “Year of the Harbinger.”