For Honor Valkyrie Guide – Best Combos, Moves, Hero Counters, Abilities, Best Feats, Combo Chains

For Honor Valkyrie Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about playing as Valkyrie, playing against Valkyrie, and tips to win.

Valkyrie in For Honor is known for long ranged weapons, devastating combos, and remarkable adaptability. With proper knowledge of timing and spacing, you should easily be able to handle all the foes in the game.

However, the hero is tough to master with low damage output and HP pool. The hero does have some good long ranged poke, chase potential, CC, and a gap closer.

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For Honor Valkyrie Hero Guide

In our For Honor Valkyrie Hero Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about playing as Valkyrie and playing against Valkyrie.

For Honor Valkyrie Feats.

Tier 1 Valkyrie Feats

  • Deadly – Passive; attacks deal slightly more damage
  • Rush – Tigger to gain movement speed for a short duration
  • Bounty Hunter – Passive; gain health & stamina when you kill another hero

Tier 2 Valkyrie Feats

  • Juggernaut – You’re slowed and gain high damage reduction
  • Bear Trap – Set a trap that damages & Stops victims in their tracks
  • Bloodlust – Passive; killing heroes grants temporary attack and defense boosts

Tier 3 Valkyrie Feats

  • Javelin – Throw a javelin for moderate damage
  • Sharpen Blade – Attacks inflict low damage over time
  • Fury – Raise sprint speed slightly, attacks and defense greatly

Tier 4 Valkyrie Feats

  • Scout – All enemies are marked for death and show up on radar
  • Fire Flask – Throws a projectile creating a fire effect over an area
  • Regenerate – Passive; regenerate your health when out of combat

For Honor Valkyrie Lunging

This is one of the best gap closers at Valkyrie’s disposal. It is incredibly fast, can start a chain, and has a ridiculously long range. You should also be able to catch fleeing enemies with it.

However, do note that the attack can easily be dodged or blocked by skilled opponents. Therefore, you should always refrain from spamming it. Moreover, try to have a good understanding of spacing as you don’t want to whiff it.

For Honor Valkyrie Baiting and Feinting

If you manage to match the timing of your opponent’s attack, Valkyrie’s light attack can grant you some free harassment, thanks to decent block on the startup. You can also feint into these attacks to keep your opponents confused at all times.

For Honor Valkyrie Shield Crush and Spear Sweep

These two are probably the best tools at Valkyrie’s disposal and must be mastered by every Valkyrie player. Shield Crush can be performed after any heavy attack and can also be feinted into a heavy attack.

Once you manage to hit it, you should be able to follow up with a Spear Sweep which leaves your opponents for another attack. However, make sure to keep the spacing in mind, otherwise, you’ll just whiff your attack.

It’s important to note that the attack can easily be dodged and most players will dodge it on instinct after a Shield Crush.

For Honor Valkyrie Allblock Stance

This stance allows you to charge at your opponent following a successful hit, allowing you to start a chain or dish out a massive amount of damage. The hero also holds the stance while charging which is a pretty neat feature.

However, it drains a lot of stamina and can easily be dodged which is why you should try and refrain from spamming it.

For Honor Valkyrie Counters and Match-Ups

Valkyrie in For Honor is countered by Kensei and Warden while easily counters Peacekeeper and Orochi.

This hero has a pretty decent range and can utilize the shield to easily disable the enemy heroes. The hero has great dodge and blocking capabilities and is a strong disabler.

However, it goes without saying that the hero is pretty difficult to master. The reason being; he/she relies on combos for dishing out a decent amount of damage and most of the combos are stamina-dependent.

As long as you’re managing the stamina and landing all your combos, you should be good to go.

For Honor Combo Chains and Moves

Since we played the game on PC, the combo chains and moves mentioned below are from PC’s default layout:

Boar Hunter
It’s performed by pressing the LMB thrice.

Thrust and Slash
It’s performed by pressing the LMB twice and then the RMB.

Harrier’s Fury
It’s performed by pressing the RMB and then the LMB twice.

Hunter’s Rush
It’s performed by pressing the ↑ + RMB. It can’t be performed while you’re in Guard Mode.

Pouncing Thrust
It’s performed by pressing the W + Space and then the LMB.

Hunter’s Strike
It’s performed by pressing the A/D + Space and then the LMB.

Shield Crush
It’s performed by pressing the RMB and then the MMB.

Shield Tackle
It’s performed by pressing the S + Space and then holding the MMB.

Shoulder Pin
It’s performed by deflecting to the right and then pressing the RMB.

Ram’s Headbutt
It’s performed by pressing the MMB and then holding the MMB.

Spear Sweep
It’s performed by pressing the MMB twice and then pressing the S + RMB.

Shield Crush to Spear Sweep
It’s performed by pressing the RMB, MMB, S + RMB.

This is all we’ve on our For Honor Valkyrie Hero Guide. If there’s anything else you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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