For Honor Reputation Guide – Player Progression, Level Up Fast, Getting the Best Gear

For Honor Reputation Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about Player Progression and finding better gear.

The Reputation System in For Honor can essentially be considered as equivalent to Prestige System from Call of Duty games. As you continue to increase your Reputation Level, you gain access to better gear.

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For Honor Reputation Guide

In our For Honor Reputation Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about Player Progression and finding better gear.

Understanding For Honor Reputation System

You might’ve noticed a couple of numbers next to your username while waiting in queue for a match. The first number basically denotes your Player Level and the second number denotes your Gear Level.

You also might’ve noticed that the Player Level resets after hitting 20 and gets a pattern around it. This basically means that now your character is at Reputation Level 1. To sum it up, Player Level 21 equals to Reputation Level 1.

As you continue to increase your For Honor Reputation Level, you’ll gain access to better gear sets and the ability to have multiple loadouts at any given time. Therefore, if you see a player’s username with 4 patterns around it; it basically means that the player is at Reputation Rank 4 and Player Level 91.

Getting the Best Gear in For Honor

As mentioned earlier, increasing your For Honor Reputation Rank allows you to unlock better gear which is denoted by a blue number next to a player’s username.

Once you’re at a high Reputation Rank, you can buy Basic Pack, Armor Pack, Weapon Pack, or Premium Pack in order to get 1-2 guaranteed high level gear.

But as I said before, you should wait until you’re at a high Reputation Rank before opening these packs in order to increase your chances of finding better gear.

Gear in For Honor is categorized into 4 rarities i.e. Common, Rare, Heroic, and Heroic Star.

For Honor Level Up Fast

As mentioned earlier, you need to increase your Player Level in order to breeze through Reputation Ranks in For Honor. But how do you level up fast in For Honor?

Well, in my experience, one of the best and easiest ways is to follow Orders. For Honor orders are basically challenges i.e. getting x number of Honorable Kills, playing as x hero, etc.

You should be able to find these orders in the Multiplayer Menu. Once there, select the one you’re comfortable with and get to work.

This is all we’ve on our For Honor Reputation Guide. If there’s anything else you’d like to add, let us know in the comments below!

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