For Honor Raider Guide – Best Combos, Moves, Hero Counters, Abilities, Best Feats, Combo Chains

For Honor Raider Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about playing as Raider, playing against Raider, and tips to win.

Equipped with a large Dane Axe, For Honor Raider possesses several disabling attacks and can deal a high amount of damage. The hero has strong and versatile throw attacks in addition to unblockable zone attacks and stuns.

For Honor Raider is one of the heroes I recommend to beginners because of his low skill ceiling and the ability to dish out a good amount of damage in a short span of time. Moreover, they also have slightly more HP than other Vanguards which is a plus.

The hero is known for his aggression and should be played to pressure your opponents around the map. Their light attacks are quick and heavy attacks have fairly long range. Moreover, they’ve some good mix-ups that can be used to confuse your opponents.

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For Honor Raider Hero Guide

In our For Honor Raider Hero Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about playing as Raider and playing against Raider.

For Honor Raider Feats

Tier 1 Feats

  • Tireless – Passive; lose stamina at a lower rate
  • Rush – Trigger to gain movement speed for a short duration
  • Body Count – Passive; killing soldier grants health and stamina

Tier 2 Feats

  • Inspire – Allies deal more damage, soldiers fight faster
  • Bear Trap – Medium damage trap that stops victims in their tracks
  • Marked for Death – Reveal target position and lower its attack and defense

Tier 3 Feats

  • Second Wind – Recover some of your health
  • Fury – Raise sprint speed slightly and attack and defense greatly
  • Battlecry – Increase ally damage and makes enemy soldiers flee

Tier 4 Feats

  • Fire Flask – Throw a projectile creating a fire area of effect
  • Stalwart Banner – Nearby allies continuously regain health
  • Slippery – Activate to auto block grab attempts for a duration

For Honor Raider Shoulder Carry

This attack basically allows you to carry your opponents on your shoulder, travel some distance, and throw them on the ground. You can use this maneuver to toss your opponent off a ledge and score an easy win.

However, do note that the attack is pretty well-telegraphed and can easily be dodged by dashing to either side. I recommend using it to draw some pressure off your allies during a heated battle.

For Honor Raider Stunning Tap

It’s either performed by transition a dodge into a light attack or a heavy attack canceled into it. The latter technique also allows Raider to close some distance

When connected, the attack basically blurs the vision of the receiver and you can always charge in with a couple of additional attacks.

For Honor Raider Fury

It’s a pretty devastating attack if it manages to connect with your opponent. It’s also important to note that the attack essentially works as Raider’s Zone Attack so be sure to keep this in mind.

You cannot only use the attack individually, but also combo it from a variety of different attacks. However, do note that skilled opponents can easily dodge the attack or even parry it.

For Honor Raider Counters and Match-Ups

Raider in For Honor is easily countered by the likes of Warlord, Warden, and Nobushi and does fairly well against the likes of Peacekeeper and Orochi. Similar to other Vikings, Raider is a strong offensive hero and shines only when you play to his strengths.

However, despite his aggressiveness, there are some obvious weaknesses. Not only Raider has short range on light attacks, but the heavy attacks are pretty slow and can easily be dodged by skill opponents.

These are some of the things that you need to keep in mind while choosing your battles and fighting your opponents.

For Honor Raider Combo Chains and Moves

Chop and Poke
It’s performed by pressing LMB three times.

Wild Swinging
It’s performed by pressing RMB three times.

Winding Slashes
It’s performed by pressing RMB, LMB, and then RMB again.

Raider Fury
It’s performed by pressing LMB + RMB together.

Stampede Charge
It’s performed by Mouse Up and holding the MMB. Moreover, it’s only available outside of Guard Mode.

Reaping Charge
It’s performed by Mouse Up and pressing the RMB. Moreover, it’s only available outside of Guard Mode.

Stunning Tap
It’s performed by pressing A/W/D + Space and then pressing the LMB.

Rushing Guardbreak
It’s performed by pressing A/W/D + Space and then pressing the MMB.

This is all we’ve on our For Honor Raider Hero Guide. If there’s anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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