For Honor Player Numbers Reach 15 Million Before Marching Fire Release

For Honor player numbers have reached 15 million before the release of Marching Fire on October 16, which will add the new Wu Lin faction.

Right before the release of For Honor’s new Marching Fire update, For Honor player numbers have reached 15 million, meaning that there’s millions of players getting ready to deal with the new Chinese-inspired faction, the Wu Lin, who have invaded the setting and thrown a big wrench into the whole shebang.

Like the other three factions, the Wu Lin, who were announced at E3, will be coming with four different classes of hero to put up against the Samurai, Knights, and Vikings that have up until now been the only three factions in the game. Along with them will be a new game mode, called Breach, where players will have to both attack and defend a castle in a siege.

Much like the other three factions originally, the Wu Lin will be entering the war in For Honor with four different heroes to choose from. However, we might be seeing some more of them in the future, especially if they turn out to be popular.

For Honor came out back in February of 2017, but quickly fell off most players’ radars after various server problems and other issues became apparent. Since then For Honor has slowly but steadily been gaining players back, adding new characters to fight with, new maps to play on, a new and revamped tutorial that helps to explain the game better, dedicated servers rather than point-to-point, and now the Wu Lin.

All of this plus the Wu Lin’s announcement has likely led to the reason why For Honor player numbers have been increasing again, especially since a whole new faction and mode, rather than new characters brought in each season, is a big change from how For Honor used to be.

If you want to join the newly renewed For Honor player numbers before Marching Fire comes out, you have until October 16 to do so.

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