For Honor Patches One-Shot Kill Bug, Creates New Ones for Multiple Classes

Over the weekend, a nasty bug was discovered in For Honor that would allow players to kill their opponents with a single attack move.

It was initially believed that the Warden was the only one to take advantage of the exploit. However, it became apparent soon after that other classes could as well.

What was happening was players were using a specific sequence of moves to fool the game into believing that their next attack was a plunging attack. For those who have not played the game, plunging attacks in For Honor are conducted from ledges and high-vantage points. They deal a large amount of damage and often kill their targets in a single strike.

Following a short maintenance period earlier today, Ubisoft has successfully patched the exploit. However, the excitement was short-lived. Unfortunately for the community, the same hot-fix created several other exploits and bugs for multiple classes.

In the current state of the game, issuing an attack out of lock after using guard-break forces the following characters to a different attack stance:

  • Lawbringer: Left Stance on light and heavy attacks instead of Right Stance.
  • Conqueror: Top Stance on light attacks instead of Right Stance.
  • Nobushi: Left Stance on heavy attacks instead of Right Stance.
  • Berserker: Left Stance on light and heavy attacks instead of Right Stance.
  • Raider: Top Stance on light attacks instead of Right Stance.

Ubisoft will be fixing the new issues with a future update. In the mean time, it wants the community to be vigilant in reporting negative and toxic behavior.

“We know that this may be a controversial choice for some of you, but as we expect the period in which this bug is alive to be a short one, we feel it’s a necessary step to preserve the gameplay experience of all of our players until the bug is addressed,” stated the developer on Reddit. “While we, the development team, must take responsibility for the bug’s existence, we cannot allow players free reign to purposefully negatively impact another’s experience.”

For Honor is scheduled to receive its next content drop later this week. It is uncertain if it will be accompanied by the recently announced quit-penalty system.

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