For Honor Lawbringer Guide – Best Combos, Moves, Hero Counters, Abilities, Best Feats, Combo Chains

For Honor Lawbringer Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about playing as Lawbringer, playing against Lawbringer, and tips to win.

This hybrid hero basically specializes in parries. If you manage to get a hang of the timing required for parrying, you should immediately become a formidable threat to all the enemy heroes.

However, do note that the hero’s attack speed is a bit sluggish so you must learn to find your openings or you’ll get brutally punished by skilled opponents.

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For Honor Lawbringer Hero Guide

In our For Honor Lawbringer Hero Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about playing as and against Lawbringer.

For Honor Lawbringer Feats.

Tier 1 Lawbringer Feats

  • Harsh Judgement – Reduce target stamina for short moment
  • Body Count – Passive; killing soldiers grants health and stamina
  • Conqueror – Passive; Capture control zones faster and boost last longer

Tier 2 Lawbringer Feats

  • Juggernaut – You’re slowed and gain high damage reduction
  • Fiat Lux – Throw a flash grenade that blinds enemies for a few seconds
  • Righteous Deflection – Passive; parry to gain high damage reduction for a short time

Tier 3 Lawbringer Feats

  • Second Wind – Recover some of your health
  • Pungo Mortis – Throw an explosive that deals moderate damage in an area
  • Protected Revive – Passive; the revive is protected and grants health to allies

Tier 4 Lawbringer Feats

  • Regenerate – Passive; regenerate your health when out of combat
  • Catapult – Call a catapult strike to deal massive damage over an area
  • Igneus Imber – Several grenades that deal moderate damage over an area

For Honor Lawbringer Parry

While playing as Lawbringer, you need to learn how to parry as it’s a big part of Lawbringer’s kit. Using this, you can chain in multiple attacks and punish your opponents heavily. It can also allow you to knock people down for a free attack.

For Honor Lawbringer Shove

This is basically an unblockable shove which is pretty useful when it comes to enemy guard breaks. A cool thing about shove is that it gives you the opportunity to land combos before and after it.

For Honor Lawbringer Long Arm

This attack basically allows Lawbringer to carry the opposing hero and toss him/her right behind you. You can use this attack in order to toss an opposing hero off a cliff or in order to reset a fight.

For Honor Lawbringer Counters and Match-Ups

For Honor Lawbringer is weak against the likes of Orochi, Kensei, Nobushi, and Peacekeeper while he counters Warlord and Conqueror with rather ease.

Similar to For Honor Valkyrie, the hero is an incredible disabler and has fairly good mid-to-long ranged poke. Heroes like this shine in game modes like Dominion. In addition to this, the hero also has strong counter-attacks, making him fairly difficult to 1-vs-1 against.

On the other side, the hero has relatively slow attack speed in comparison to other heroes which is why his attacks can easily be seen and dodged by a skilled player. Moreover, his heavy attack can be parried even if your opponent is not insanely good with parries.

As mentioned earlier, the hero has pretty decent mid-to-long ranged poke, but falls behind when it comes to close-quarter combat.

For Honor Lawbringer Combo Chains and Moves

Since we played the game on PC, the combo chains and moves mentioned below are from PC’s default layout:

Book, Chapter and Verse
It’s performed by pressing the LMB, RMB, and then the LMB.

Judge, Jury and Executioner
It’s performed by pressing the LMB and then pressing the RMB twice.

Swift Justice
It’s performed by pressing the RMB, LMB, and RMB.

Swift Justice Finisher
It’s performed by pressing the RMB, LMB, ↑ + RMB and canceling it into the LMB.

Impaling Charge
It’s performed by pressing the Shift + RMB. It only works if you’re not in the Guard Mode.

Impaling Riposte
After parrying, you need to either move ← or → and then press the RMB.

Blind Justice
After parrying, you need to press ↑ + RMB.

Light Riposte
After parrying, you need to press the LMB.

Make Way
After parrying, you need to press the LMB + RMB.

The Long Arm
It’s performed by pressing the S + MMB.

It’s performed by pressing A/W/D, + Space and then the MMB.

Shove Alternative
After blocking, simply press the MMB.

Shove Mix Up
It’s performed by canceling the RMB into MMB.

This is all we’ve on our For Honor Lawbringer Hero Guide. If there’s anything else you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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