For Honor Feints Guide – How to Feint, Feint Types, Tips and Strategies

For Honor Feints Guide to teach you everything you need to know about feinting which is a technique used to confuse an enemy.

Feint in For Honor is basically faking an attack in order to throw your opponent off-guard in order to bait an attack or land another attack in its stead. It’s a useful technique that you should definitely practice.

Feinting is a good maneuver to confuse your opponent into guarding an attack from one direction and landing a blow from another direction. However, since feinting leaves you vulnerable, you need to extra careful with it.

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For Honor Feints Guide

Once again, I highly recommend practicing For Honor feints in singleplayer story mode or practice arena to learn about timing and spacing. Once mastered, you should be able to win most of the duels in the game.

In our For Honor Feints Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about feinting and throwing your opponents off-guard.

For Honor Feints – How to

Feints in For Honor can essentially be divided into two categories i.e. Universal Feints and Character-Specific Feints. This section of the guide details everything you need to know about them.

Understanding Universal Feints
A universal feint is generally referred to executing a heavy attack and immediately canceling it with the cancel button. This cancels the attack at once and prevents the hero from executing another action unless you do so.

You can land a whole bunch of attacks after a universal feint, but you must consider the timing of these attacks otherwise, you can get brutally punished which is something you need to avoid at all costs.

Understanding Character-Specific Feints
As the name suggests, character-specific feints are specific to a few heroes i.e. Berserker, Kensei, Raider, etc. These feints are basically built into some moves, are quick to execute, and hard to see.

For instance, if you wish to land a character-specific feint with Kensei, you need to execute an unblockable overhead followed by changing your guard to either side and pressing the light/heavy attack button.

It’s also important to note that any move which has character-specific feint tied to it can also be turned into a universal feint by simply pressing the cancel button – Middle-Mouse-Button on PC – as mentioned earlier.

For Honor Feints Tips and Strategies

Feinting in the game is a high risk, high reward strategy and can get you punished when overdone. You need to remember that feinting isn’t the only tactic at your disposal and overdoing it can easily lose you the match.

If you wish to be successful at feinting, you need to find your windows and time your feints perfectly! It goes without saying that there are some attacks which don’t mesh well with feints and can leave you vulnerable to an attack.

Moreover, players who just like to go all-in on the opponents by throwing every attack randomly can brutally punish your feints – not intentionally, of course. Against these players, you should avoid feinting unless you come across a very good opportunity.

Lastly, feints in For Honor are not only about offense and can be used as an excellent defensive tool. If you, by accident, pulled out a poorly timed heavy attack, you can easily feint it into a block or a parry and avoid getting punished.

Alternatively, you can simply dash, reset the fight, and then get in again.

A Few Things to Know About Feinting

There are a few things which, I think, everyone needs to know about feinting.

  • Feinting can’t be done with zero stamina
  • Except Berserker, no one can feint a light attack
  • The effectiveness of feints varies from hero to hero
  • Conquerors can’t feint in the normal sense of the technique
  • As a reminder, feinting is executing a heavy attack and immediately cancelling it afterwards

This is all we’ve on our For Honor Feints Guide. If there’s anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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