How to Get Real Player Faces in Football Manager 2022

In Football Manager 2022, the player faces are randomly generated to keep the size of game files manageable while also avoiding licensing issues. In this guide, we have explained how to get real player faces in Football Manager 2022.

How to Get Real Player Faces in Football Manager 2022

These unreal player faces and images may diminish the simulation experience for some players. However, there is a way to get real player faces in Football Manager 2022, and that is by using high-quality face packs and then modifying some game files.

In order to use real player faces in FM 2022, you will have to download a pack containing all the faces of the players as required. These packs can be found on different third-party websites.

For your ease, we have listed different sources from where you can download Football Manager 2022 Face Packs. ­­

Player Face Packs

One of the best choices for real player face packs is DF11. For the last ten years, this website has been uploading face packs on a regular basis.

Another great option is FierroFacepacks, which has tons of player faces available this year.

If you are looking for even more real faces, you can check out the SortItOutSi Face Pack, which has even more real player faces, which will definitely cover almost all the players present in FM 2022.

Keep in mind that these packs will have really large file sizes, as they contain high-definition real images of players.

How to use Face Packs

  • Once you have downloaded a Real Face Pack, follow these steps.
  • Unzip the file and copy the contents so that you can paste them into the following folder: Documents> Sports Interactive> Football Manager 2022.
  • Open the Football Manager 2022 folder and create a new folder called ‘graphics.’ Now copy/ paste all the contents from the face pack that you have downloaded into this folder.
  • Once the contents of the face pack are copied into the graphics folder, run the game, and now, you will tweak some in-game settings.
  • Enter Menu and go to Preferences. From Advance, choose Interface and then Skin.
  • Untick the option saying, ‘use caching to decrease page loading times’ and tick ‘Reload skin when changing preference.’
  • Now press Reload skin to finish the step and load the Face pack into the Football Manager 2022. The loading may take some time to finish, so wait for a while.

Once all these steps are done, you will now be able to play with real player faces in FM 2022.

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