How to Change Clubs in Football Manager 2022

Imagine working for such a long time, trying every possible method to perfect your team, and putting so much hard work and dedication into winning matches, and you still fail to reach your full potential in Football Manager 22. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to change clubs in Football Manager 2022.

How to Change Clubs in Football Manager 2022

Initially, it may sound like a perfect idea to start all over again with a new club and perfecting your new team, but practically it’s a tough task to change clubs in Football Manager 22.

The reason for this is because Football Manager 2022 doesn’t necessarily notify you how exactly you can change clubs. In fact, it doesn’t explain the process at all.

On top of it, you can only apply for a role of a manager while the remaining task is left for the AI to deal and if you somehow don’t live up to the expectations and are unable to earn a job, the manager’s job will be at risk if the team is in bad condition.

Make Full Use of your Vacations

You’ll find a date and time option at the top right corner, which lets you scroll down a bit till you find yourself on an application option.

On the application option, you’re given two choices: Either you can apply for High-Reputation clubs or the lower ones. However, one thing you should keep in mind is that when selecting either the High or Low Reputation clubs, you won’t be given an option to select a particular club. Instead, the selection will be quite random.

Additionally, you can check off the return from vacation when offered a job box in case you don’t miss out on any spicy team matches. Following this method, you’ll probably be left alone un-bothered for at least a month.

The Best Option is to Resign

There comes a time in everyone’s professional life where they have to resign for their own betterment. This is your best chance to change clubs in FM22. If you’ve decided to resign, simply head over to the Staff tab, and from there, on the left part, you’ll find the manager’s profile.

Upon being unemployed for a longer period of time, the game sends a few notifications in your inbox regarding different managers on the edge of being fired. This is your cue to click on the manager’s team showing the game that you’ll be happy to fill the spot.

However, all of this depends upon your track record. If your relationships with your previous clubs were worthy enough, you’ll get the job. Otherwise, you’re likely to stay unemployed for a long time if you’re looking forward to joining a High Reputation Club.

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