Football Manager 2022 Best Free Agents For Each Position

On a tight budget but don’t want to compromise on quality talents? In this guide for Football Manager 2022 Best Free Agents we will be suggesting a list of the best players for your future team that you should grab while you can.

Football Manager 2022 Best Free Agents

Football Manager 2022 continues with fresh and old faces available for hire. It may be tempting to open up a save as Manchester but all we ask is to give these free agents a chance.

No good player is ever free behest of agent fees, signing frees and transfer fees but why not pick up a free agent and help them carve their own path?

While these players might not be actually free or even cheap, the fact that their contracts are ending or have ended means they are up for grabs relatively easily. Considering their talent, you should definitely jump on that opportunity.

Here is a list of the best free agents in Football Manager 2022 that you should be looking out for.


Koke Vegas

This Spaniard Goalkeeper is filled with potential, Koke Vegas can be chosen as a backup goalkeeper. With his solid handling, reflexes and general mentals, expect solid gameplay on a cheap budget.

Miguel Angel Moya

Miguel Angel Moya is an ideal candidate for your team. His impressive distribution and throwing speaks for his skill. You can keep him on your team for a year or two.

Willy Caballero

Willy Caballero might be old but he is one of the best goalkeeping options available in the new game. Having been a backup for most of his career, he would certainly be optimal as a first-choice option to guard the goal post. If not, he can also be a good goal-keeping coach!

Right Backs

Daniel Alves

Dani Alves is a perfect right-back cover for your team. He may not be a speedy player when considering his age, but he is still talented.


This Spaniard player is a must-have on your team. With his Mental attributes surpassing his physical, expect him to support and control the field.


Ivan is very similar to Francis, where his Mental attributes outshine his physical points. What separates him from his countrymate is his high concentration stat.

Left Backs

Kwadwo Asamoah

Kwadwo Asamoah is a Ghanian Left Back player. Unlike many players, he is known for his high mental attributes for example his determination, positioning and work rate.

Luca Germoni

If you want someone with high determination and overall solid mental stats then look no forward to Luca Germoni. The Italian left-back player can really put his opponents in a pinch if positioned right.

Kevin Guiterrez

The Argentinian left-back player has balanced stats but the only thing that separates him from the rest is his high stamina.


Jack Wilshere

Jack Wilshere is a big name, it is not fair that he is a free agent but hey, you can rewrite his story in the new game. Due to his health, his physical attributes are rather low but his mental and technical attributes speak for much of his gameplay.

Sebastien Cristoforo

Now Sebastien has played on the field aplenty. His attributes may be a bit on the lower side but the 27-year-old central midfielder could be an ideal player with an appropriate squad and rotation.


Paulinho is one of those players who is good in almost everything. He is an all-rounder who can score a lot of goals for you from the midfield.


Sebastian Giovinco

Giovinco is a bit of a diamond in the rough. He may be a backup option, Giovinco still poses a threat against his opponents. His finishing, first touch, vision and passing speak for his abilities. If you need someone to dictate the game, you can’t go wrong with him.

Angel Romero

Angel Romero has experience playing as a winger as he has played all across South America. You can say he is a jack of all trades so his attributes are very balanced. Don’t take his neutrality for granted, he can score goals if you position him right.

Jordan Ibe

The Englishman winger, Jordan Ibe is a great addition to have on your team. High dribbling score and otherwise decent stats, Ibe is an all-rounder player who can carry your team to victory.


Ibai Gomez

As a striker, Ibai Gomez is a very reliable player due to his high speed, technical and attacking attributes. The 32-year-old Spaniard is an overall decent player who can become a serious threat if paired with the right people.

Sergio Diaz

From Paraguay, Sergio Diaz is considered to be an Advanced Forward player on the field. Through proper training and dedication, you can easily expect this player to propel you forward on the proverbial stairs of the league.

Andy Carroll

This Englishman striker can be a valuable asset to your team. He is known for his high attributes in heading, jumping reach and strength. If you want someone who can jump and control the playing field then Adom Carroll is your man

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