Google Stadia Will Have The Best And Fastest Version Of Football Manager 2020

SEGA has announced Football Manager 2020 and its variants for mobile devices with a new trailer.

The company, together with the developer Sports Interactive, confirms that aspiring coaches will be able to play this new installment from the “beginning of November”.

Football Manager 2019 was the fastest selling and most successful delivery of the entire saga. More than 60% of those who bought it on PC continue to play it today.

They will launch this new edition in several versions:

  • Football Manager 2020 (PC, Mac and Stadia)
  • Football Manager 2020 Touch (PC, Mac, iOS and Android)
  • Football Manager 2020 Mobile (iOS and Android)

SEGA will launch the Nintendo Switch version of Football Manager 2020 in late November.

It will be the first time in history that a simulation experience of this type is launched in Google Stadia, something that has caused much satisfaction in the team.

Miles Jacobson, studio director of Sports Interactive, has announced the following regarding the Google Stadia version of Football Manager 2022:

Football Manager on Stadia includes technology that is only available on that platform, utilising the power of the cloud and Google’s data centres to ensure that more matches can be processed in parallel utilising spare bandwidth across the whole system – this means you can have more leagues loaded into your save, or just go for a faster experience by keeping the amount of leagues the same, but having the matches process quicker than you can on any other platform.

Although for the moment no details have been offered about the novelties of this delivery, but they promise greater “freshness and authenticity” in the experience through new mechanics that will be announced later.

This means that we can load more leagues in the background as we move forward in our own history; even coordinate more than one league at the same time, faster than on any other platform.

Those who pre-order Football Manager 2020 will have access to a PC beta version of the game. In addition, there will also be a physical format version for the PC.

Sega also announced that details regarding the new game features will be unveiled in September via the official Football Manager website and social media.

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