Football Manager 2019 Beginners Guide – Player Roles, Scouting, Training, Media Appearances

FM19 is a game that has one of the most loyal fan bases in the entire industry. However, many new players venture into the franchise every year and if you are one of those who cannot figure out how to get started, do not stress, as our Football Manager 2019 Beginners Guide will take you through the entire process.

Football Manager 2019 Beginners Guide

We will be looking at some of the things that new players might end up ignoring. Football Manager is a very diverse and complex game that means that you need to be aware of all that is going on in your club.

If you do not, it is very easy to fall behind in the tables and be sacked. Some of these tips are very basic, while others are something that even intermediate players might not be completely aware of.

Overall, you need to follow these right from the get-go in order to be able to make a difference for your club.

Player Roles

This is something that players who move to FM from other football games such as FIFA or PES almost always ignore. Since you are not actually in control of your players when the game begins, player roles are extremely important.

By player roles, it is not just your captain who needs to be a senior player and someone who can inspire everyone else but the roles that the players take on within your formation.

It does not matter which information you use and whether it is complex or simple. If you do not guide your players on what they need to do, they will be lost and your team will suffer as a result.


Scouting is the main way to get new players in your team especially if you are a manager of a team that does not have a massive budget, perhaps one that is in the lower divisions of a country. You can use the scouting feature to find new talent.

One of the best features that you have is that if there is a player that you like but cannot afford, you can send your scouts to find another player which has a similar skill set and will be able to play a similar role to the aforementioned player.

Media Appearances

One of the new changes that have come about in this year’s iteration of the game is that your media appearances that are your interviews as well as your team talks have more of an impact than ever before.

It is important that you need to be yourself and not tread excessively far outside your character’s boundaries.

You create a character at the start of the game, and you need to follow the values as well as the traits of your character if you want to ensure that you have the maximum chances of success in the field.


Training is the main way that you groom the young talent as well as ensure that your first team is in tip-top shape ahead of the match day.

You can go to the coaches sub tab and make sure that one coach only controls one activity. This will ensure that your coach specializes in that specific area and is able to completely focus on it.

This will eventually lead to all players that make use of that skill are much better and the improvements will translate onto the field as well.

Also, remember to change the intensity of training to high during pre-season and back to normal during regular games. Lastly, make sure you tailor each player to their role using their tab in the game.


This is the last and perhaps the most important tip we can give you.

Football Manager is an extremely complex and a realistic game which means that it will take you time in order acquaint yourself with all of the mechanics of the game as well as how the seasons play out.

It is important that you do not give up and keep on trying. Consider yourself like a real manager, most of whom need to spend a few seasons going through the rounds before they are able to make an impact on the world of football.

Soon, you will be able to make an instant impact at whichever club you join. Until then, you need to be patient and make sure that you are learning as much as you can, as it will eventually translate into results both on and off the field.

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