Football Manager 2018 Tips and Tactics Guide – Clean Slate Approach, Formations, Vulnerabilities, Backup Plans, Team Instructions

As you will know by now, Football Manager is quite a complicated game. There will be many things that you will struggle with as you try to build your empire in the footballing world. This Football Manager 2018 Tips and Tactics Guide will show you how you can ease into the process with numerous useful tips to help you along the way.

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Football Manager 2018 Tips and Tactics Guide

Here are some useful Football Manager 2018 Tips and Tactics that you can use to enhance your chances of success in the new Football Manager 2018.

Football Manager 2018 Tips and Tactics

Do not Overthink in Team Instructions

A lot of people seem to fill every single option in the team instructions panel. This is not a good idea. Do not just choose an option for the sake of choosing an option. It is best if you try and think which of the options will suit you best and select them. Many instructions will not be understood by the player so it is best to use instructions such as ‘Be more expressive’ for a few creative players rather than the entire team.

Think in Real Time

Most of your instructions should come during a match. You need to analyze the opponent team and make decisions based on their weaknesses. Such as using the right flank if you find out that the defenders there are quite slow.

The Clean Slate Approach

You can also just clear the team instructions and fill them in during the pre-season as you begin to understand which of the instructions will prove beneficial for the set of players that you have. This will also give you a chance to experiment with the various different tactics.


This is really up to you. It is best if you try to choose a formation which has the positions preferred by your best players. Try to find the best balance between an attacking formation and a defensive formation. Try to move each of the positions around a little bit to suit the particular player that is playing in it.

Take Notice of the Holy Trinity

When building a formation and tactics, there are three things that you need to keep in mind. How are you going to defend, how are you going to score and how are you going to assist. You need to set up your squad around these fundamentals and try to implement instructions set towards achieving these goals.


Football Manager 2018 allows you to see which of the areas are vulnerable and prone to breakthroughs. Try to create a form which has the absolute minimum amount of these red areas if you can by moving around the players to have control over the length of the pitch.

Backup Plans

After this, get a few backup tactics ready in case your current one is fruitless. Try to experiment with formations and instructions in your backup tactics so they can be useful during a rough patch when you need a fresh perspective.

Watch Games

Seriously, WATCH THEM! Setup games in the pre-season and experiment with the various different layers to see where you need improvements and where you need to change certain tactics to be successful. Watching the game is very important and try to glean as much information as you can from the matches as possible.

That is all we have for our Football Manager 2018 Tips and Tactics Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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