Football Manager 2017 Tips and Strategies Guide – Using Media, Team Instructions, Older Players

Football Manager 2017 Tips and Strategies Guide to guide you to the victory and to help you develop game-winning tactics with our simple and easy-to-follow in-game tips. Like any other sport, you need to pay attention to the smallest of the things to be successful – this is exactly the case with Football Manager 2017.

The game offers plenty of details in the form of in-depth statistics, footage of previous matches, important highlights, and other details that you need to become a successful manager. However, to take advantage of all these things, you need to be patient and manage things systematically. This Football Manager 2017 Tips and Strategies Guide will help you do that.

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Football Manager 2017 Tips and Strategies Guide

In our Football Manager 2017 Tips and Strategies Guide, we have detailed some in-game tips to help you develop game-winning tactics.

Football Manager 2017 Tips and Strategies

Social Media is a Powerful Tool

A new addition to the game. You can use Social Media to learn all that you need to know about the football world. From transfers to the status of managers and player conditions, you can use social media to learn about it all. You can also see the best goals and learn about potential signings. Since all these things are incredibly important in Football Manager 2017, try to take advantage of social media as much as possible.

Manage Older Players Effectively

In Football Manager 2017, the developers have made a few changes to older players. The game assesses an older player’s decline by taking different things into account i.e. available training facilities, the amount of first-team football, etc. Keeping this in mind, if you have a particularly favorite player or an important player, try to invest more time into maximizing his playing time and overall potential.

Play to Your Strengths

You must pay attention to an individual player’s strengths and weaknesses before assigning a role to the player. This will allow you to judge whether a particular player will succeed fulfilling a specific role or not. Moreover, feel free to change some minor things if required. However, do not bother with a player if it requires you to change many things. In such a scenario, try to find some other player. You must learn to see things yourself instead of simply relying on the Assistant.

Take Advantage of Team Instructions

With a good squad, you can simply choose a playstyle that you prefer and start playing. With a mediocre or bad squad, however, you may find yourself forced to play a particular playstyle. In such a situation, try to change things on a match-by-match basis and use the TI to do so. It is important that you remember that there are no rules set in stone and you must learn to experiment to see what works best for your squad. Of course, you must also keep your team’s strengths and weaknesses in mind.

How to Interact with the Media

One important thing that you need to keep in mind is to learn how to interact with media. When it comes to interacting with them, try to earn journalists’ favor and not be on their target list. But how do you do so? It is simple! You need to make sure to regularly attend press conferences, answer all their questions, etc. When it comes to answering their questions, think of cleverly worded answers instead of simple, formulaic ones.

This is all we have in our Football Manager 2017 Tips and Strategies Guide. If you have anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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