Florida Shooting Could Result in Strict Scrutiny of Video Games

Less than 24-hours ago a horrible incident took place in Florida at an EA Madden NFL gaming tournament. Many fatalities are reported after a gunman stormed in and shot multiple people. Initial reports that he was part of the tournament but lost a game early, enraged, he came back with a gun and shot his fellow gamers.

We are already seeing numerous political media outlets blaming video games for violence. The misinformed criticism may result in the U.S Govt putting video games under strict scrutiny. The Trump administration may introduce laws to tie the arms of video game developers.

The Trump administration has been trying to turn video games into scapegoats in order to cover up the fact that they are doing very little to tight gun laws in the country. The second amendment is now causing the loss of innocent lives at a large scale. The right to own a weapon mixed with early access to military grade weapons has become a major threat.

Texas Lt. released a statement soon after the Santa Fe shooting and blamed video games, calling it an “issue.”

Look, the video games issue we have got to address in this country. Based on all the research we have done, 97 percent, according to psychologists and psychiatrists, 97 percent of teenagers view video games and 85 percent of video games are violent.  The average student, the average teenager, spends two hours a day, and many spent more time, and what are these game showing you how to do? Kill people.

We have devalued life in this country; we throw God out of school, we have 50 million abortions, we have families that are broken part no father at home.  We have incredible heinous violence as a game two hours a day in from of their eyes and we stand here and we wonder why?

No one seems serious about addressing the real issue, guns; or at least easy access to guns should be addressed if banning guns outright isn’t a possibility. Moreover, there is no evidence to suggest video games are to blame for the violence.

Sarmad is our Senior Editor, and is also one of the more refined and cultured among us. He's 25, a finance major, and having the time of his life writing about videogames.