LA Noire Crashes and Fixes Guide

If LA Noire is consistently crashing or freezing on your console, be it Xbox 360 or Playstation, you can follow the LA Noire Crashes and Fixes workaround below for the time being to fix the issue. Meanwhile, the developer is investigating the issues and will release a patch fix if necessary.

LA Noire Crashes and Fixes

Here is what to do if you are crashing or freezing in L.A. Noire:

Step 1
Delete your L.A. Noire Game Data (not save data) from the PS3 Game Data Utility. If on 360, clear the 360 cache.

Step 2
Create a new temporary PS3 user to ensure that new save files are created. If on 360, create an offline Silver Gamertag.

Step 3
Launch the game and try again. If you are on PS3, try playing while signed out of PSN.

Step 4
Check your disc for scratches, dust, dirt, or other damage. Clean if necessary.

Step 5
Check other game discs in your PS3/360 to see if issues are occurring in other games, suggesting a potential console problem.

Step 6
Try your L.A. Noire disc in a different console or try a different L.A. Noire disc in your console to determine with certainty whether the issue could be with the disc or console, rather than the software.

Step 7
If your console is overheating, try moving it to a more ventilated area or contact Sony/Microsoft for further console troubleshooting.

If these issues still persist, open a ticket with Rockstar Support by clicking through the link and provide them with as much detail as possible about your model of respective console and steps you do prior to crash/freeze. Let them know all the details about the error you receive and what you are doing in-game when you receive it.

Note. If you are on PS3, move your L.A. Noire save files onto a USB drive and then transfer them to a PC. Compress the folder on the USB drive called “PS3” and attach that file. We will take a look at your save file to see if we can learn more about the issue and its resolution.

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