Probable Pokemon Sun and Moon Islands Breakdown, and Seagallops

Lately, we have been looking at hints and leaks to predict what the Pokemon Sun and Moon islands are going to have in store for us. For starters, there could be Burst Evolutions with Pokemon-human hybrids, allegedly leaked Starter Pokemon evolutions and the possibility of spectators in battles.

This time, however, we are talking about the islands themselves as well things that we might be able to pick up by breaking down what has been shown of the map to us.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Islands Breakdown

For starters it is clear that there are going to be multiple islands in the game, in fact there could be exactly eight islands. The one we have been shown is Oahu because of the shape similarities as well as the crater that can be clearly seen on it.

But we have better things to tell than that! When the news about multiple islands came out, it was accompanied by a lot of talk about Surf moves. However, that is not the only thing you could get, if you remember Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, you will also remember Seagallop ferries, which sound like a more probable solution too travelling between islands – and a less unpopular one too.

Also, if you check out the only one of the Pokemon Sun and Moon islands we have been shown, it even has something like a dock for the boats on the lower left corner of the island. So we think the Surf move will come into play, but it will be overshadowed by ferries.

You could, however, be using Surf to travel within the island that has been shown, to the tiny separated parts of it on the right.

Moving on, there are some buildings and houses on the map that have been left unexplained. However at least one of them, the big one that is in near the top left corner looks like one of the general hotels that we had in Pokemon X and Y.

The last but the most intriguing thing we have picked up while breaking down the island is that there is a rather less amount of grass. Does this mean that there are going to be less wild Pokemon on this one?

It is our home island, so are the developers trying to make it a little safer until you are pro enough to take on bigger encounters?

What else have you figured out about the Pokemon Sun and Moon islands? Let us know in the comments below.

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