First Pokemon Go Legendary Pokemon, Articuno, Caught In Ohio

Since the release of Pokemon Go, no player has found or encountered a legendary Pokemon. However, multiple reports have surfaced on the internet that Niantic has unleashed the first Pokemon Go legendary Pokemon.

According to the reports, Articuno is the first Pokemon Go legendary Pokemon to pop us in the wild. As seen on Facebook and reddit, many players have posted screenshots, while some have even recorded video evidence that Articuno has been caught by trainers in Ohio.

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But there are some red flags that suggest the reports of the Pokemon Go legendary Pokemon popping up are fake. Both of the reports suggesting the existence of Articuno, originate from the same place, so it is possible that the nes is fake, or a result of a hack. It also could be a local Pokemon Go event.

This is the first time that something close to a solid proof have emerged that a legendary Pokemon has appeared in Pokemon Go. However, the data miners have already found multiple legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go, but none of them have been spotted.

In related news, Niantic has removed the 3 step Pokemon go tracking, and soon after this change players started to ask their money back. While there were some issues with the tracking system, but rather than to fix it Niantic just eliminated it from the game.

However, Niantic has given an explanation on why did the studio removed the tracking system from Pokemon Go. According to them the system was confusing and did not meet their product goals, also because of the system third party services were interfering with their ability to maintain quality.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game developed by Niantic labs and published by The Pokemon company for iOS and Android.

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