First Outriders Patch Now Live, Fixes Issues With Matchmaking, Party Join Failure, More

The first Outriders patch has now gone live on Playstation consoles and PC to fix a number of issues left over from launch.

Outriders, the new looter-shooter game from People Can Fly, is getting its first patch today to address a large number of different issues the game had on launch. This includes issues with matchmaking, failures to join parties, and more, as detailed in the patch notes the studio posted to Reddit.

The 2.4 gigabyte patch is supposed to be fixing Outriders crashing issues, stability fixes for matchmaking, and making matchmaking and party-joining easier by, for instance, changing the default option from “Open” to “Closed” to help ease up pressure, which was likely the cause for many “Failure to join party” errors.

Along with the matchmaking issues, Outriders crash issues that could result in things like players having their inventories wiped, crashing when completing the “A Bad Day” sidequest, crashing on launch, and crashing in “No Man’s Land” if your game’s language is, oddly enough, set to Spanish.

Alongside all of this, various other minor improvements are also coming in the Outriders patch. For instance, the PC is getting a specific adjustment as there’s a chance your PC’s GPU isn’t being used to its fullest extent in the game.

So far, the patch is only for the Playstation 4 and Playstation 5, as well as the PC. People Can Fly has announced on Twitter that the game would be getting an Xbox patch at some point in the near future. The disconnect between platforms has also resulted in crossplay being temporarily suspended.

While the Playstation and PC cross-play has been restored as the patch has been released on those consoles, full cross-platform play won’t be available until the new patch is also available on Xbox consoles as well.

You can read the full Outriders patch notes by following this link to the official subreddit, and if you’ve been playing the game on Playstation or PC and have been suffering from these issues, downloading the patch will hopefully fix them.

You can play Outriders on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and PC, now.

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