We have Our First Look at Gameplay of Amplitude by Harmonix

Developers of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, Harmonix has shared a brief view of Amplitude’s gameplay which is a modern version of Amplitude released back in 2003 for PS2.

The game is funded via Kickstarter and will be available for PS3/PS4. The footage in question sees Creative Lead Ryan Lesser taking us through a colorful and vibrant demo of the anticipated title.

Amplitude is rhythm based game and many fans wanted to know why it isn’t coming to other platforms.

Harmonix’s Nick Chester shared his views on the matter in an interview and stated and they have considered the game for PC but as Amplitude is a Sony owned IP, “it’s not in the cards right now” to bring the game to other platforms.

“So we’d love to bring Amplitude to a platform like PC, and in fact it’s something we considered. But at the end of the day, this is Sony’s IP and taking it to non-PlayStation platforms is just not in the cards right now”. “Without going into detail, it does extend beyond just them owning the name or IP. There are other moving parts that wouldn’t necessarily give us a clear path to doing a spiritual successor on other platforms without the Amplitude name.”

As you know, Sony does develop games for PC as well with the help of SOE, so we might see the game coming to other platforms if fans are vocal enough about it. Amplitude is currently under development and no release date is announced so far. As soon as we hear something more, we will let you know.

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