First Fallout 76 Patch Ends Up Being 47 Gigabytes On Consoles, Replaces Lots Of Stuff

To add to the various woes coming to Fallout 76, the first Fallout 76 patch to come out since the game released nearly a week ago on November 14 has come out today. It’s a whopping 47 gigs on consoles, and appears to replace a lot of pre-existing code that was already in the game.

Being a typical Bethesda game, Fallout 76 had a lot of bugs on it already when it first released, even in its beta. The first Fallout 76 patch, however, seems like it’s intended to not only fix these bugs but also add a few new things.

The game on the Playstation 4 initially was 53.04 gigabytes. Now, after the patch, the game has only increased in size a little bit, to 53.23 gigabytes. All of the new data is likely referring to the various new additions, while despite the size of the patch at 47 gigs, the game hasn’t gotten any bigger, so this seems more like a bug-fix and quality-of-life patch than anything.

To start off with, at least one quest bug for the Bureau of Tourism has been fixed, and there have been various tweaks and fixes for hitching and other performance issues. PVP has also been given a few new things.

Pacifist Mode will now allow a player contesting a Workshop in PVP to deal full damage to their opponent for as long as they remain hostile. Respawning will now clear enemy status on PVP after you die. You’ll also see the correct cap rewards after you get revenge on your killer. Along with that, if you target a player who is ALSO seeking revenge, you’ll also be able to see the correct rewards for killing them too.

The Fallout 76 patch is much, much smaller on the PC than it is on consoles (being only around 15 gigs) but at the same time if you’ve been playing 76 and been waiting for a patch, now you can hopefully have a better experience.