First Destiny 2 DLC May Come in December If Sources are to be Believed

Destiny 2 is not yet released and it’s already has DLC plans coming. According to Kotaku sources, the game will get it’s first DLC in December and will be called The Curse of Osiris.

The Curse of Osiris will center around Osiris, the space wizard from The Dark Below, who was much mentioned in Destiny but not yet seen. You will have to save Osiris from the robotic alien Vex. The content of the DLC was not such a secret since it was already teased by a leaked box art from the Microsoft Store.

As it seems The Curse of Osiris will not be a single raid DLC and will probably have the size of The Taken King or Rise of Iron as Bungie don’t want to repeat mistakes made in Destiny 1.

There are not any more details about the DLC from Kotaku’s sources but it seems that it’s happening and it will have a huge impact on the game’s lore. Osiris was a former Vanguard Commander who was exiled by the Speaker. Osiris managed to create a cult around him, gathering few followers. You can find the Cult of Osiris in Destiny 1 where they hold trials to find Guardians capable enough to join their ranks.

The Curse of Osiris is getting it’s release date in December just as Destiny 1 got it’s first DLC. When Bungie released it the community was furious about the content it held for the price it was selled for. Bungie tried to work this problem through the next DLC’s so that fans were not still frustrated about the game’s lore missing.

Activision, Destiny 2’s publisher promised that we will see bigger and better things out of the game regarding it’s additional content.

Destiny 2 will be released on September 6 for the Xbox One and Playstation 4, and on October 24 for the PC. Destiny on PC will be available through the Blizzard App.

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