The First Borderlands 3 Raid Boss Has Been Found

If you’re already done with the main storyline, it’s advised to start preparing to take on the first raid boss of Borderlands 3.

In the past week, players became highly suspicious of a massive door located in the north-east sector of Ascension Bluff that was assumed to be the entrance to a raid instance. This assumption was correct.

By launching herself off a platform, YouTube artist Glitching Queen was able to land in an empty arena behind the locked door. It goes without saying that this is where you’ll be taking down the first-ever raid boss of Borderlands 3 once Gearbox Software opens up the door through a future update.

It also turns out that the raid boss was already revealed in an earlier footage about weapons and weapon manufacturers. You can see it for yourself below at the 1:47 mark. The arena shown in the clip is the same as the empty arena recently discovered in Borderlands 3 as evident from the rock formations in the background. While the clip hides the name of the raid boss, it can be seen as a supersized varkid, a kind of advanced metamorphosis that was Vermivorous, the Invincible, from Borderlands 2.

Borderlands 3 has been released for more than two weeks now. Gearbox Software hasn’t mentioned when the first raid is going to be opened. The developer, though, is expected to unleash the hidden boss by next month. There wouldn’t be any point to keep players idle as many have already finished the campaign.

Borderlands 3 has proven to be a soaring success. The new installment sold more than 5 million copies within the first five days. During the same period, sales were up by 50 percent compared to Borderlands 2.


Borderlands 3 has become the fastest-selling title in the history of 2K Games as well as the highest-selling title in the looter-shooter franchise on PC. The last milestone is of great importance. While 2K Games didn’t share any breakdown of sales, the labelled success on PC means that the exclusive Epic Games Store deal has yielded fruits. With the Steam release set for next year, it goes without saying that PC sales for Borderlands 3 are only going to go higher.

Borderlands 3, however, did launch with a slew of performance issues on PC, and on some level on consoles as well. The players had to forage for some really odd fixes to their problems, which should suffice until Gearbox Software brings out a much-needed patch.

Borderlands 3 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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