Firesprite’s Working On A “Narrative-Driven Horror-Adventure Game”

Firesprite, one of the recent acquisitions of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has an unannounced horror game in its active pipelines.

According to a new job listing (via ResetEra) from earlier today, Firesprite seeks a narrative director for a “triple-a narrative-driven horror-adventure game” that will be powered by Unreal Engine 5.

The candidate will have to ensure quality storytelling and be responsible for establishing a universe and lore for all of the narrative content. The listing furthermore suggests that the unannounced horror game will include interactive elements, branching storylines, and post-release content.

Most importantly though, Firesprite is helming the project while “considering sequel opportunities” that could be an intent to create an all-new intellectual property for PlayStation. Either that or Sony has handed over one of its existing horror franchises to the Liverpool-based studio.

Firesprite is currently working with Guerrilla Games on Horizon Call of the Mountain, a virtual reality spin-off of the Horizon franchise that will be coming to PlayStation VR2 in the near future.

Firesprite is also reportedly working on an unannounced Twisted Metal reboot that could possible be looking to coincide with the confirmed Twisted Metal live-action television series somewhere in 2023.

Besides the potential Twisted Metal reboot, Firesprite has a steady history of supporting virtual reality games on PlayStation consoles. From The Playroom to The Persistence to the soon Horizon Call of the Mountain, it would not be surprising that the developer is also planning to add a virtual reality mode (or version) to its unannounced horror game.

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