Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Best Pots, Pot Drops and Loot

In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, it is hard to miss the various color Pots scattered across the map. Wondering what they might be for? This guide will explain Pots, Pot Drops, and Loot, as well as the best Pot in FEW: Three Hopes.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Pot Drops and Loot

Venturing around in the world of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, you’re bound to come across a variety of different color Pots scattered around. If you thought they were just for decorative purposes, you’re badly mistaken.

Pots in FEW: Three Hopes are breakable items that have different loot on offer. There are five different pots available in-game, each with its own specific color and loot. Read on to learn all about them.

Each of the five Pots available in-game is a different color, and each one holds a unique loot reward if you find and break it. The loot from a specific pot remains the same however, the quantity might vary at random.

Here’s a list of all five pots and the loot they contain.

  • Green Pot – Drops health-restoring green tonics
  • Yellow Pot – Drops yellow tonics to refill Warrior Guage
  • Blue Pot – Drops blue tonics, one of the sources to recharge Awakening Gauge
  • Purple Pot – Drops purple crystals that can restore weapon durability
  • Red Pot – 150 Gold

FEW: Three Hopes Best Pot

With these five types of different pots to choose from, you might end up struggling to decide which one to go after. Rest assured, this section of the guide will also sort that out and show the Best Pot in FEW:3H.

The Purple and Green Pots are the best of the five available and should be your priority.

The Purple Pot restores Weapon Durability, which you must maintain at all times. The Green Pot, on the other hand, restores health, which is necessary for survival.

All in all, both allow you to use your skills more frequently and save resources for healing, making it easier to obtain an S-Rank.

What other pots have to offer is also available elsewhere; for instance, Warrior and Awakening Gauges would eventually fill up naturally over time, and gold can be obtained in large quantities by completing side quests.

Therefore, you should majorly focus on the Green and Purple Pots.

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