Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Level Up Fast, XP Farming Tips

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes gives you the option to Upgrade/Level Up Individual Characters as well as Classes. Leveling them up becomes quite important because as you progress through the game, it becomes harder and harder. To catch up with this progressively increasing difficulty of the game, your characters are required to be stronger in turn.

Including the increased strength and defensive Stats, leveling up your Characters and Classes also brings extra benefits.

We have broken down all the different methods to help level up your characters and classes in the following guide, along with discussing the added benefits.

How To Level Up Characters Fast

To level up fast in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, you require Experience Points or XP. There are many different methods to leveling up characters by gaining vast amounts of XP as mentioned below.

You can use any method you like, but if you want to level up even faster, you can use more than one method at the same time to get more experience

Completing Battles

The simplest and straightforward way to earn XP and Level Up is to participate and complete any Battle that you come across in FEW: 3H.

Your Characters gain XP individually by defeating enemies. A better way to approach the battle would be to deploy your characters in areas where there are a large number of enemies, if your characters can survive the battle of course.

It wouldn’t be enough to just participate in Battles, it’s seeing them through to the end that counts, regardless of winning or losing it. This makes sure that your characters can defeat as many enemies as they can and earn the most XP.

Getting an MVP Award

To further increase the XP gained by an individual character in a battle, you need to make sure that it receives an MVP award for that respective battle.

Winning an MVP title gives you bonus XP for that specific character. Naturally, you would need to control the character manually, just letting the AI complete the battle wouldn’t be enough to do the job.

Completing Timed Side Quests

Another great way of earning greater amounts of XP is to participate in Timed Side Quests. As the name suggests, these are timed quests that appear every now and then. In these quests, you basically have to hop into a battle before the time limit for the respective quest expires.

Timed Side Quests may be harder and less enjoyable, but they do offer large amounts of XP in turn. So if you’re really looking to upgrade a character, this is a good method to go for, especially because it also gives you Gold, which would be the source of leveling up for the next method.

Using Gold

This method wouldn’t exactly be a go-to method for most players as it comes with a cost, along with a limitation.

If you go to your Training Instructor at the main camp, you’ll see an option there to level up/reset the stats of your character. You can level up any character you want from the Level Up option provided by the Training Instructor at the cost of Gold.

The drawback of this method is that you can only level up an under-leveled character here, to that of the highest level of any character you have. In other words, if the maximum level of any of your characters is Level 10, then you can only upgrade a character that is of a lower level than 10, up to Level 10.

How To Level Up Classes

Upgrading a certain Class requires Class Experience, rather than individual Character Experience Points. There are also a few different ways you can upgrade the Classes of characters.

Training Characters Together

The simplest way of earning Class XP and leveling up the Classes of your characters would be to take them to the Training Grounds. To do so, head over to your Training Instructor at the base camp and select the Train option.

The Training Regimen at the Training Grounds offers you the option of selecting the most optimal pairs of characters that work together. Using the optimized pairs of characters for training rewards you with bonus Class XP once the training is completed.

There is, however, a slight drawback to this method; the training comes with a price. You can only train your characters at the cost of training points. These training points are only gained once a new chapter starts in the game.

Additionally, you can earn even more XP if one of your characters pairs up with another that has a higher Weapon Level. In this way, the Character with the lower weapon level will receive extra XP.

Winning Battles

An alternative way of collecting Class XP and leveling up classes would be Winning Battles. Yes, you don’t have to just complete the battles like the method before, you actually have to Win them.

Winning battles rewards the Characters that participated in it with extra Class XP, allowing you to level up their respective Classes. Additionally, if you have the highest battle rank grade, you will get extra Class XP.

Benefits of Leveling Up Classes and Characters

Leveling Up Classes and Characters in FEW:3H grants you a lot of benefits.

Better Stats

The first and foremost benefit of leveling up classes or characters in the game is improved Stats. Upgraded stats toughens up your Characters, allowing them to take on stronger foes.

This is important because the game gets progressively difficult as you progress through it and puts you up against stronger opponents.

Unlocking New Classes

Leveling up your Character’s Class unlocks new Classes and abilities for them, including Combat Arts and Magic. Each specific character has their own different Abilities and Classes though, meaning that you won’t be able to choose what Abilities and Classes they get, they will be as default.

To check which new ability a Character will get, head over to the Convoy menu and look them up there.

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