Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Leonie Guide

Leonie is the self-proclaimed number one apprentice of Jeralt in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. She is a fierce mercenary that’s diligent and dedicated to her training.

If you’re looking to learn more about Leonie in FEW: Three Hopes, then we’ve got you covered with this guide where we’ll be showing you all the information you need to know about her, like how to recruit Leonie, her best class and abilities and how to build support with her.

How to Recruit Leonie

If you’re playing through the Golden Fire route, you’ll be able to recruit Leonie during Chapter 03: The Defense of Fodlan’s Locket.

If you’re playing through the Scarlet Blaze route, you’ll be able to recruit her during Chapter 12, but only if you have Jeralt on your team.

Best Classes For Leonie

The best class for Leonie in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is the Cavalier class. This class will grant Leonie a mount and a lance. It is one of the most agile classes in the game and performs very well against other mounted classes and sword users.

Best Class Abilities For Leonie

Sword Buster Level 2
When fighting enemies equipped with swords, this ability grants Leonie one tier greater advantage over them which boosts her damage against them by 85%.

When Leonie’s HP falls to 50% or below, her strong attacks gain the ability to break the guard of her opponent.

Lance Prowess
When using a lance in battle, Leonie’s damage will be boosted.

Knight’s Wisdom
When using the class actions of your lance-wielding army, this ability will make the Warrior Gauge fill up quicker.

Leonie Expedition Answers

Character Says Perfect Response
I borrowed a lot of money… I feel bad about that. Praise her for becoming a mercenary.
I managed to become a mercenary, but it was really tough to make money when I was starting out. Praise her dedication.
I think everybody has at least one fateful encounter that completely changes their life. Say you’ve had one too.
In this day and age, what does it even matter who’s a noble and who’s a commoner. Suggest getting rid of ranks entirely.
Me and art don’t really agree… it just isn’t in my wheelhouse. Praise her for her other talents.
People don’t need Crests to be strong. I’m never gonna use my lack of a Crest as an excuse for anything. Say that other stuff counts more.

Leonie Unique Abilities

Reverence (Action)
This ability allows Leonie to chain on twice the number of regular attacks she’d perform otherwise. The higher the number of hits she lands consecutively, the faster her strikes become and the damage of the final strike is increased.

Rivalry (Support)
Leonie’s Warrior Gauge fills up faster if she has an ally of the opposite gender close by, or if an ally of the opposite gender is her adjutant.

Makings of a Merc (Tactical)
Incoming damage from enemies is decreased by 30% when Leonie is ordered to attack.

Leonie Combos

Combo Input Combo Description
Y X Performs two long sweeps with the lance.
Y Y X Performs two lance sweeps and then thrusts the lance into the ground, knocking enemies back.
Y Y Y X Performs multiple lance strikes, with the final strike launching enemies far away.
Y Y Y Y X Perform several strikes with the lance, sending enemies into the air, then performs a final attack on the enemies while they are airborne.
Spam Y Performs several slashes with the lance, knocking enemies back with the final slash.

How to Use Leonie

Due to her mount, Leonie is a very agile unit that can run laps around the battlefield and her reverence ability allows her to do insanely quick combos on enemies.

This allows you to take an aggressive playstyle. You can dash into the enemies, quickly perform combos on them and then retreat without being punished. Her attacks also have great knockback, so this will allow you to do damage to enemies without them being attack to attack you back.

Because of her Rivalry ability, it is important that you have a male adjutant whenever you’re using Leonie. This will make it so her Warrior Gauge fills up quicker, which will help you out a lot in the battlefield.