Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Fluegel Class Build Guide

Fluegel is an intermediate class in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes that is exclusive to Shez. The class has the ability to use magic and is very strong against enemies with axes. This FEW: 3H Fluegel Class Build guide covers every aspect of the unit.

How To Use Fluegel Class

Shez is the protagonist of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes and will hence be one of the most commonly played characters throughout the storyline. Shez will switch to the Fluegel class automatically, you will not have to do anything apart from going past the prologue.

The most unique aspect of the Fluegel class is that Shez can dual-wield swords and use magic attacks at the same time. He can insta-kill non-commander enemy units while also being able to increase his overall damage against all enemy units.

Make sure to use Shez to take out non-commander enemy lines, especially if they are wielding axes. Also, make sure to give him Dexterity-based gear to increase his speed and strength.

Best Units For Fluegel Class

The Fluegel class is exclusive to Shez, making him the obvious (and only) class best suited for the job.

Fluegel Abilities Class

Axe Buster Lv 2
Increases damage against enemies with axes by 85% while giving a one-tier advance over them.

Fluegel Class Combos

Combo Input Description
Y X This devastating combo takes the enemies to a skywalk. With a swing of the sword, the enemies are put into the air.
Y Y X This launches a couple of sword slash attacks on enemies that are followed by a three thrust attack.
Y Y Y X The attacks open with three powerful sword slashes, a forward dash attack takes place, and concludes with a sword thrust.
Y Y Y Y X After a four slashes sword attack, a tornado attack finishes the enemies off.
Spam Y This launches a series of very fast sword slash attacks and wrecks the enemy.

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