How To Unlock Co-Op In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes naturally supports multiplayer just like the previous games in the franchise. You will, however, have to play the game a bit first because the co-op mode is not available from the start.

The following guide will show you how to unlock the co-op mode for some local split-screen cooperative gameplay in FEW: Three Hopes.

How To Unlock Two-Player Co-Op In FEW: 3H

The multiplayer portion of Fire Emblem: Warriors: Three Hopes will only become available when you reach Chapter 4, which is technically where the main game starts anyway.

Hence, you will have the option to invite a friend for a two-player co-op at the start of Chapter 4. With an additional ally on the battlefield, not only will you and your co-op friend be able to cover more grounds to complete all available missions but also dismantle enemy units with some cooperative hack-and-slash destruction.

However, there are some missions in the game that purposely restrict co-op gameplay. In these missions, you will not be able to invite a friend and must go solo. That being said, FEW: Three Hopes majorly does support co-op in almost all of its missions.

Look for a “P2 Can Join!” notification in the top right-hand corner of the screen when you are preparing for battle. In missions where co-op is not available, this notification will notably be absent.

How To Play FEW: 3H With Friends

When the notification appears on the screen, hit the “-” button on your controller to activate a second controller and add player two to the game. When the second player has been successfully added, the notification will change from “P2 Can Join!” to “P2 Joined!”.

To further confirm that you are now playing co-op with a friend, open up your battle map to see “P1” and “P2” next to their respective units. You can confirm from here which units P2 is controlling.

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