Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Claude Guide

Claude is a playable character in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes who is associated with the Leicester Alliance; in fact, he is the grandchild and heir to the Leader of the Leicester Alliance. This Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes character guide will tell you everything you need to know about Claude, including how to recruit him, his Combos, Unique Abilities, Expedition Answers, and the best class and skills for him.

Claude’s personality in FEW: Three Hopes reflects his status as the heir, as he takes great pleasure in Tactical scheming, Planning feasts, archery, and topics of curiosity. On the other hand, he despises blind faith in gods, leaving things to chance, and adhering to common sense.

How to Recruit Claude

Claude is not recruited in a conventional way. Here’s what you need to do in order to recruit Claude.

Your choices in the mission battle Start a Struggle at Dawn will determine whether or not Claude will side with you. To have Claude on your side, you must select Golden Deer as an ally.

Best Classes For Claude

The best class for Claude is Wyvern Master, a class that is exclusive to Claude. This class has the perks of ariel attacks and is also capable to counter ariel classes thanks to its ability to ride dragons.

Best Class Abilities For Claude

Here we’ll discuss the best skills for Claude. It is worth noting that these skills work best if Wyvern Master is selected as a class for Claude.

Lance Buster
This skill grants a one-tier advantage over enemies wielding lances. Not only that, but it also increases the damage output by 80%.

Claude Expedition Answers

Character Says Perfect Response
A lot of people think of foreigners as subhuman… Say it’s what inside that counts.
Everyone’s got at least one or two secrets… Give him an ambiguous smile.
I’d love to wander around Derdriu with you… Ask what it’s famous for.
If Fodlan was a container, Fodlan’s Locket would be… Say that ignorance can bring disaster.
It’s crucial to have a victory feast… Say you should have more feasts.
The Five Great Lords are all… Question if he’s serious.
You ever get the urge to drop everything… Say you’re OK because of Claude.

Claude Unique Abilities

This ability helps to Imbue attacks with the wind.

Leader’s Acumen
This ability increases the fill rate of Awakening Gauge if you attack enemies launched into the air.

When ordered to defend, this ability increases damage output by 30%.

Claude Combos

Here are the combos for the Wyvern Master class that works best with Claude.

Combo Input Combo Description
Y X This combo sends a fireball forward, causing fire damage to anyone who comes into contact with it. To unleash more powerful fireballs, try filling up the Class Gauge
Y Y X To knock enemies back, this combo fires two waves of arrows followed by a ground slam with the Wyvern’s tail.
Y Y Y X This combo fires a barrage of arrows, causing the Wyvern to spin and sweep enemies away with its tail.
Y Y Y Y X This deadly combo fires three waves of arrows at the enemies charges them and then fires a single arrow that causes a tornado.
Spam Y This combo also causes three waves of arrows to be released, followed by the Wyvern charging forward, flipping, and pounding to the ground.

How to Use Claude

Claude’s unique abilities grant him additional wind effects, which, when combined with his Foresight ability, make him a formidable defender. Claude being a Wyvern Master has access to areas that are normally inaccessible or difficult to reach.

Therefore, venture into the restricted areas with Claude’s assistance and use his abilities to defend your territories.

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