Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Best Class Tier List

There are 36 classes in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes and each one benefits one character while bottle-necking the potential of another. This is why you need to learn what the overall best classes are in the game to maximize the performance potential of your units. To help you out with picking the best classes in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, we’ve prepared this Best Class Tier list guide which will be ranking down the classes from best to worst in the game.

Best Class Tier List

In the table below, we’ve listed down all of the classes in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes from best to worst in a tier list form.

S-Tier Pegasus Knight, Cavalier, Thief
A-Tier Fluegel, Armored Lord, Mage, Wyvern Master
B-Tier Brigand, Archer, Priest, High Lord
C-Tier Brawler, Monk, Armored Knight, Mercenary

Best Class in FEW:3H

Overall, the best class in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is the Pegasus Knight. Not only is it the coolest class in the game, as it allows you to ride a flying horse into battle, but it is also one of the most well-rounded classes.

The Pegasus Knight deals great damage and has an impressive defense, especially against magic attacks. It can perform well in practically every situation during combat. Due to your flight ability, you can easily dodge attacks from enemies and also deal damage to them without getting hit back.

The moveset of the class also allows players to perform crazy combos, which makes this class incredibly fun to play with.

Pegasus Knight

The Pegasus Knight is an airborne knight which has an amazing balance between offense and defense. It is particularly strong against enemies with magic attacks as it has a high defense against these types of attacks.

The only downside of the Pegasus Knight class is the fact that it is exclusive to female characters. You cannot play this class with any of the male characters in the game.

Out of all the female units, the best characters for Pegasus Knights are Dorothea, Leonie and Ingrid.

Pegasus Knight Class Abilities

Primary Class Abilities

  • Alert Stance: While dodging, the number of frames where you’re invincible is increased.
  • Sword Buster Level 2: When going up against enemies with swords, this ability gives a one-tier advantage which boosts your damage against them by 85%.

Equipped Class Abilities

  • Pegasus Knight’s Wisdom: When using Pegasus Knight and Falcon Knight class actions, the Awakening Gauge fills up quicker.
  • Pegasus Knight’s Ploy: Pegasus Knight and Falcon Knight class actions have one element added to them which is based upon the active unit.
  • Tableturner: After you perform a perfect dodge, the critical attack time period is increased.