Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Cavalier Class Build Guide

Cavalier class is a fan favorite, with you riding around on a noble steed killing enemies in your way. Cavalier Class boosts mobility with good defense and offense. The class also features Lance, a weapon with immense range. The following guide will introduce you and help you learn all about the Cavalier Class in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

How to Use Cavalier in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Cavaliers are knights riding on horseback equipped with a powerful lance. The Cavalier class is perfect for those who seek high mobility without having to sacrifice too much of their defense or offense.

Cavaliers have an acceptable defense against attacks and their own attacks have good damage and a range wide enough to hit multiple enemies at once making them effective against hordes and for crowd control.

Cavalier Class also features versatile combos well versed for dealing with multiple and single targets, especially sword users as cavalier class is stronger against Sword-wielding class and a good counter to all enemy cavalry.

Best Units for Cavalier Class

All the houses have one unit fit for playing as Cavalier. For Black Eagles, Ferdinand is the best unit to be used as a Cavalier. For Blue Lions, the best character to pick up as the Cavalier is Sylvain. Leonie works best as Cavalier when you are playing through the Golden Wildfire route of Golden Deer House.

  • Black Eagles – Ferdinand
  • Blue Lion – Sylvain
  • Golden Deer – Leonie

Cavalier Class Abilities

The class ability for Cavalier is Sword Buster. It grants the unit an advantage against enemies equipped with a sword and increases the damage against such enemies by 85%.

The other class abilities are as follows:

Battalion Desperation – When the battalion endurance is below one-third of the total, all your strong attacks will break enemy guards.

Desperation – When the unit’s HP is less than 50% of the total HP, all strong attacks will break the enemy’s guard.

Lance Prowess – When a lance is equipped as the main weapon, all damage dealt is increased.

Knight’s Wisdom – Warrior Gauge is filled faster when you use class actions.

Knight’s Ploy – When you activate the class actions with at least one bar filled, you will break your enemy guards guaranteed.

Cavalier Class Combos

Combo Input Combo Description
Spam Y Continuous slashes for clearing out hordes of enemies.
Y, X Two sweeps from your Lance
Y, Y, X Two sweeps from the lance followed by a downward smash
Y, Y, Y, X Multiple slashes that will knock back all the enemies at the end
Y, Y, Y, Y, X Launch enemies into the air and then thrust Lance at enemies in mid-air

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